Research Stories

Olli Tapio Leino: Existential Ludology
Playable Media

Dr. Leino is a scholar of computer games and playable art.

Author and Filmmaker
Film, Video, & Photography

Louisa Wei is a humanities scholar engaged in two parallel tracks for arts-based research practic

Hong Kong Habitus
Media & Cultural Studies

Kimburley Choi is a Hong Kong born cultural studies scholar and sociologist focusing on media rep

Hongbo Fu: 2D/3D Content Creation Tools for Non-Professional Users
HCI & Computer Graphics

With a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Hong Kong Univ.

Daniel Howe: Critical Software
Software Art, Machine Learning & AI

Daniel Howe is an artist who creates bespoke software in order to explore the social and politica

Extended Reality Lab
Playable Media

The XRL (eXtended Reality Lab) is a new research lab at SM co-directed by Alvaro Cassinelli and C

  • Augmented Reality
  • Augmented Materiality