Labs & Facilities

SCM possesses a diversity of venues for students to work and learn in a professional and safe environment, and a multiplicity of equipment for students to use in order to realize their creative projects.




The Production Equipment Centre in SCM is a major equipment library, in charge of borrowing production equipment for class, assignments and projects for both students and faculty. The Centre maintains an on-line booking system to help the student and staff make their equipment bookings. The Centre also provides technical support to all the AV equipment in the School.


Safety & Health

Both the University and the School are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all staff and students and maintaining at all times an effective safety programme. At the University level, a Safety and Administration Unit has been formed under the Facilities Management Office (FMO) to look after issues relating to health, safety and environmental protection. A Safety Committee was established to advise the President on the formulation of safety policies for the University and to oversee the implementation of such policies. At the School level, three colleagues have been designated as Departmental Safety Officers and Departmental Environmental Officers to provide assistance to SCM staff and students in the respective areas. Guidelines have been formulated to facilitate the safe use of lab equipment and facilities by staff and students. This Webpage provides links to useful information relating to health, safety and environment. Staff and students, especially newcomers, are strongly encouraged to spend some time reading through the materials and to familiarise themselves with the policies and guidelines stipulated by the University or the School



Mr Danny Cheng SCM Departmental Safety Officer
(Teaching Area)
3442 2670
Mr Tung Wing Hong SCM Departmental Safety Officer
(Teaching Area)
3442 2407
Mr Rocky Iu SCM Departmental Safety Officer
(Office Area)
Environmental Officer
3442 2259
Mr W K Leung FMO Senior Safety & Administration Manager 3442 5252


SCM Safety & Health Information

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Emergency Procedures

Security Office (day and night) Ext 8888
Young Chung-Yee Health Centre (during office hours) Ext 6066

In the event of the following:

  • Stop working upon hearing the emergency alarm or instructions from the public address system.
  • Turn off electrical devices that are not safe to be left unattended.
  • If the electronic lock fails to open, please break the emergency break glass or use the manual door lock to open the door. (For details of the SCM's smart lock system, please click here)
  • Exit the building through emergency staircases. Do not use lifts or main staircase. Assist persons with special needs.
  • Remain calm.
  • Alert persons nearby by shouting 'Fire'.
  • Evacuate the immediately threatened area.
  • Break the fire alarm glass.
  • Make an immediate attack on the fire if it is safe to do so.
  • Close doors to isolate fire and smoke.
  • Assess the situation. If the condition of the person appears to be complex, dial 0-999 for an ambulance first. Then contact the departmental safety officer and security office.
  • Contact the Young Chung-Yee Health Centre at Ext. 8022 for advice, giving details of your observations.
  • In case of suspected head or spinal injury, do not move the person.
  • If medical staff of the Young Chung-Yee Health Centre advises sending the patient to the Accident & Emergency Department of the hospital, the patient should be accompanied by relatives, friends and security staff.
Electrical Injuries
  • Do not touch the patient's flesh with your hands if he/she is suspected of being electrocuted.
  • Break the electricity contact (ie. by standing on a wooden box or a rubber/ plastic mat and using a broom or wooden chair to push the patient's limbs away from the source).
  • Immediately commence cardiopulmonary resuscitation if you know how to do so and are sure that the patient's heart and breathing have stopped.
Risk Assessment Talk
Presentation Date Video Link
26 Sep 2017 Risk Assessment Talk by FMO Safety Unit