School Overview

School of Creative Media, the region's first such institution, located in the stunning, one-of-a-kind, building designed by the world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, was founded to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurial interdisciplinary artists and creative media professionals, and to be a hub of innovation for the creative industries in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and abroad.

Now, over two decades later, the School of Creative Media is recognized to be an international centre for discovery and innovation in Asia. Here creativity is nurtured as a cornerstone of art tech development for Hong Kong in the 21st Century. Within this hub of creativity, students attain the technical, artistic, and intellectual skills that enable them to take positions of leadership and innovation in a global society and economy. There is no better place for young people to train in digital media, to discover and develop their creative abilities, and to give meaning and shape to our futures.


Undergraduate students are trained across disciplines spanning computer science, visual design, digital technologies, and cultural studies in three distinct programmes: A technology intensive BSc in Creative Media co-taught with Computer Science, a BA in Creative Media whose focus lies in media arts, and a BAS in New Media which bridges the boundaries between art and science. Postgraduate students study in a one-year MA in Creative Media that focuses upon media and culture, and a two-year interdisciplinary MFA programme that trains students to become new media artists. SCM also hosts a thriving interdisciplinary PhD program with a strong record of scholarship. Our graduates have consistently demonstrated high employability, with over 90% of those who graduated now working as artists and professionals in the creative industries such as film, advertising, web development, publishing, and media production. Many have won prestigious international and local awards for creative and technical innovation.


Faculty and Research 

Our faculty members are among the foremost artists and researchers in the field of digital media and comprise experts across the globe including Australia, United States, UK, Germany, Spain, Uruguay, Sweden, Finland and Russia, as well as from Hong Kong and Mainland China. They include many leaders in their respective fields such as world-renowned philosopher of technology, Yuk Hui; artist and computer scientist, Hongbo Fu and social media analyst Christian Wagner. Research areas include New Media Art and Installation; HCI and Computer Graphics; Software Art, Machine Learning and AI; Physical Computing and Fabrication; Playable Media; Sound Art; Animation; Film, Video and Photography; Socially and Ecologically Engaged Art; and Media and Cultural Studies. 

The Hong Kong Edge

With traditional strengths arising from its unique mix of East and West, Hong Kong continues to see significant expansion in its creative economy. The Hong Kong SAR Government has designated the "cultural and creative industries”, along with "education services” and "innovation and technology” among the six industries for Hong Kong's long-term economic growth and Our Hong Kong Foundation recently released a report that singled out Art Tech as an area ripe for government funding and support.  It has also made a strategic decision to create an international arts and culture hub through the West Kowloon Cultural District development which is now opening. This will augment existing facilities and build upon Hong Kong's traditional success in the creative industries and its position as one of the world's preeminent locations for art fairs and auctions. Hong Kong also benefits from its close links with the mainland, a hinterland of talent and growth opportunities, and its strategic place in the Pearl River Delta region. CityU's School of Creative Media plays an instrumental role in these developments as the leading force in creative media education and research in Hong Kong.