Alumni Stories

SCM Top Story Series #1
Chris Cheung Hon Him 張翰謙
Graduate of BACM. Now a new media artist. Chris Cheung, our brilliant Alumnus, talks about how the School of Creative…
SCM Top Story Series #2
Glenn-Eugen Ellingsen
Glenn-Eugen from Norway. Away from his home, Norway, Glenn-Eugen ELLINGSEN has settled himself in a…
SCM Top Story Series #3
Vincent Chan 陳永鍵 & Chris Cheng 鄭正宇
Graduates of BScCM, founders of a mobile apps company. Vincent and Chris, graduates of BScCM, founded a mobile apps…
SCM Top Story Series #4
Mubarak Marafa
Both a scientist and an artist. Have you ever realized science is actually very similar to art? They are both…
SCM Top Story Series #5
Heiward Mak Hei Yan
A new-rising generation director and film maker in Hong Kong. Heiward Mak, a new-rising generation director and film…
SCM Top Story Series #6
David Chung & Carmen Lam
SCM Top Story Series #8
LEE Kai Chung (MFACM)
Stochastic Camera
Lazarus Chan
False Awakening
Jason TSE Man Fung (BScCM 2018) & WONG Yun Fung (BACM 2018)
False Awakening is an immersive and interactive art installation, which recreates Andrew’s (my artist partner)…