Alumni Stories

Vivek MAHBUBANI- Recipient of The Second SCM Distinguished Alumni Award (2022)
SCM presented the Second SCM Distinguished Alumni Award to Vivek Mahbubani at the 2022 Commencement of SCM which was…
LAU Mo Sheung Grace - Recipient of 1st SCM Distinguished Alumni Award (2021)
LAU Mo Sheung Grace 劉慕裳 (BScCM)
Our BScCM Graduate Is An Olympic Medalist. Lau Mo Sheung Grace, BSc Creative Media graduate, is the recipient of our…
SCM Top Story Series #1
CHEUNG Hon Him Chris(BACM)
Graduate of BACM. Now a new media artist. Chris Cheung, our brilliant Alumnus, talks about how the School of Creative…
SCM Top Story Series #2
Glenn-Eugen from Norway. Away from his home, Norway, Glenn-Eugen ELLINGSEN has settled himself in a…
SCM Top Story Series #3
Vincent CHAN 陳永鍵 (BScCM) & Chris CHENG 鄭正宇 (BScCM)
Graduates of BScCM, founders of a mobile apps company. Vincent and Chris, graduates of BScCM, founded a mobile apps…
SCM Top Story Series #4
Mubarak MARAFA (BAS)
Both a scientist and an artist. Have you ever realized science is actually very similar to art? They are both…
SCM Top Story Series #5
Heiward MAK Hei Yan (BACM)
A new-rising generation director and film maker in Hong Kong. Heiward Mak, a new-rising generation director and film…
SCM Top Story Series #6
David CHUNG (BScCM) & Carmen LAM (BScCM)
SCM Top Story Series #7
Joseph CHAN (BACM)
SCM Top Story Series #8
LEE Kai Chung (MFACM)