Joint Degree Programme 

BA in Creative Media / BAS in New Media (offered by CityUHK) and BA in Digital Media (offered by Leuphana University, Germany)


Mode of Study

Full Time

Normal Study Period

4 years



The School of Creative Media (SCM) at City University of Hong Kong (CityUHK) and Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany, offer a Joint Degree Programme in Creative Media and Digital Media, focusing on creative industries and digital media theory. The programme is available for SCM students in the BACM and BAS majors. Students will study for four semesters at SCM and four semesters at Leuphana University's BA in Digital Media programme, complete 50% of the graduation requirement of both programmes, and get two degrees – one from Hong Kong, another from Germany. The medium of instruction of the Programme is English: all Joint Degree courses and many of the Minor courses at Leuphana University are taught in English.

Leuphana Universität Lüneburg



In addition to the career prospects of BACM and BAS graduates, participants of the Joint Degree Programme will have an inter-cultural understanding of creative media and digital media in Asia and Europe. The Programme will offer insights on the creative industries field in both Germany and the broader European Union context.

Living and studying in Germany will give an excellent opportunity for professional networking through participation in internships, new media art festivals, etc. International students can work a total of 120 full or 240 half days per year. 

Students in the International Center

After Graduating...

Students may extend their residence permits in Germany for up to 18 months for the purpose of looking for employment, subject to prevailing German regulations. Students can choose to take German language courses at Leuphana and practice the language in daily life. Together these combine into excellent career prospects for global creative media professionals, unique in the Hong Kong region!

Living and Studying in Luneburg, Germany

Leuphana is located in Lüneburg, about 25 minutes' local train commute from Hamburg (Germany's second largest city) and two hours train journey from Berlin. Lüneburg has a lot of cultural heritage – an idyllic medieval town centre and a rich cultural life with lots of student activities. Lüneburg is accessible and affordable. You can arrange accommodation through Leuphana University. Students will not have to pay extra fees in addition to CityUHK's tuition fee, but are responsible for their travel and living expenses to/in Germany.

University Sports
Campus in Leuphana University, Germany

Schedule of Study

Students will spend their first three semesters at SCM, completing most of the School Required Courses, the University Language Requirement and some essential basic Major Core courses. From Semester B of their second year, students will move to Germany where they follow Leuphana's Digital Media curriculum for four semesters, returning to SCM for the remaining time.


Admission Schedule

Applications for the Joint Degree will be considered at the end of the first year of study.


Admission Requirements

Students are eligible to participate in the Joint Degree Programme if they meet the following requirements at the end of Semester A of their second year:

  • Studying the BACM/BAS major or having declared the BACM/BAS major.
  • Having completed 15 credits of School Required Courses and School-Specified General Education Courses at the end of Semester B of their first year as listed below:
School-Specified General Education Course  
SM1103A Introduction to Media Computing (3 credits) OR CS1103B Media Computing 3 credits
SM1701 Contemporary and New Media Art 3 credits
School Required Courses    
SM1702 Creative Media Studio I  6 credits
SM2702 Interdisciplinary Practices in Art, Science and the Humanities 3 credits
  • Having completed SM2715 Creative Coding (3 credits), SM2706 Critical Theory & Socially Engaged Practices (3 credits) and GE / Major Electives / Free Electives (21 credits) before departure.
  • Have completed at least 3 credits in German language course (the School encourages the students to take additional German course(s) before departure).
  • Have a good to excellent academic record, with Year 1 CGPA of 3.0 or above.

Remark: Students who are required to take EL0200A and EL0200B are generally not considered .


Participating students will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Year 1 CGPA
  • Completion of courses as specified in the Admission Requirements above
  • Personal Statement on inspiration to participate in the Joint Degree Programme (Letter of Motivation)
  • Interview performance, if applicable
  • Other supporting documents submitted by the students, if applicable


See the curriculum at the sample Study Paths for students participating in the Joint Degree Programme posted at the SCM Student Bulletin (login required).



Enquiry – SCM General Office:

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