Master of Arts in Creative Media (MACM)

To investigate the most significant artistic, professional, and socially relevant aspects of contemporary mediated expression.


Mode of Study

Full Time / Part Time

Normal Study Period

1 / 2 years


The Degree

The Master of Arts in Creative Media (MACM) programme aims at shaping the future researchers, intellectuals and cultural engineers of the creative economy. This selective programme offers a humanities-oriented curriculum complementing the School’s mission to develop a range of aesthetic, theoretical and techno-scientific expertise in the fields of new media arts.


  • Provides comprehensive interdisciplinary grounding in the theory, history and criticism of new media arts
  • Provides a critical understanding of how current technological innovation and artistic practices reconfigure contemporary thought, aesthetics, technology, culture, law, environment and society
  • Core teachings in critical media theory, cultural studies, philosophy of technology and theories of world building
  • Electives include aesthetics, media ecology, media archeology, film studies, new cinema, media art theory and practice, visual studies, sound art, video game studies, art management, law and digital cultures, curation, gender studies and popular culture studies
  • Excellent preparation for future professional careers in media arts, creative media industries, art organisations, specialised journalism, private research, publishing industries, cultural policy and public administrations or for further doctoral studies

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Period of Study


Full Time: 1 year ; Part-time: 2 years


Full Time: 2.5 years ; Part-time/Combined mode: 5 years

Dr. Damien Charrieras

Programme Leader 



BA (Lyon Institute of Political Studies)
MA (Pantheon-Assas University)
PhD (Sorbonne Nouvelle University)
PhD (University of Montreal)
Posdoc (McGill)





Programme Structure

MACM consists of 30 credit units. The programme requirements are listed below:

Sample Study Path for Prospective Students   

Minimum for graduation: 30 Credit Units including the following:

Programme Core Courses
  • SM5303 Introduction to New Media Arts - Theories, Technologies, Aesthetics
  • SM5325 Introduction to Media and Cultural Studies
  • SM6325 Philosophy of Technology and New Media
  • SM6333 World-Building in Digital Narrative Media
12 credit units
Elective Courses     18 credit units
Total 30 credit units

The required programme core courses explore key topics, methodologies, and issues in critical media theory, cultural studies, philosophy of technology and theories of world building.

The elective courses are structured around three concentrations. Students can take courses from any concentration to fulfill the elective requirement.

1. New Media Arts and Aesthetics

This includes several courses which provide a deep understanding of contemporary approaches to arts rooted in our School's tradition and expertise in avant-garde, experimental and neonarrative New Media Arts.

2. Critical Theories for Arts and Technology 

This proposes several courses of advanced studies in contemporary thought and in new media theory in which our School has developed a strong international presence. This block allows our students to be part of the most recent intellectual debates in Western/non-Western contemporary philosophies.

3. Interventions in Media Cultures 

This fosters students’ capacity to intervene in the social, mediatic, regulatory, urban environment. This concentration takes advantage of the strong integration of our School in its cultural, artistic and economic regional context.

Curriculum for Prospective Students   

For students admitted in 2020 and before, click here for the curriculum of your cohort to learn more about the sample study path and graduation requirements.


MACM graduates take high level positions in the creative media industries and art administration, become specialised journalists, work in the private research sector, publishing industries or in cultural policy sectors. The rigorous intellectual foundation provided by this programme allows its graduates to pursue further studies in highly ranked PhD programmes.


MACM 2007
Serial Social Entrepreneur, Producer and Professional Speaker

Winnie SOON

Dr Winnie SOON
MACM 2008
Associate Professor, School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University
Eugene ZHANG
Eugene ZHANG
MACM 2015
Documentary Director, Photographer
Dr. Sun Yinie
Dr SUN Yini
MACM 2012
Lecturer, School of Journalism & Communication, Huaqiao University

Fellowships Scheme

Fellowship awards are available for local students admitted to this programme under the Fellowships Scheme supported by the HKSAR Government. Selected local students admitted to the programme will be invited to submit applications for the fellowships. 

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