Outbound Exchange Programme

for students from the School of Creative Media Only



The School of Creative Media (SCM) and the University have entered into student exchange agreements with various institutions around the world to provide students with ample opportunities for academic as well as cultural exchanges. The valuable exposure and experience will serve to widen your horizons and build an international network of friends and colleagues.

If you are interested in undertaking exchange study at a Mainland/overseas institution, please discuss this with your Programme/Major Leader and refer to the following sections for application and related information:


All full-time regular undergraduate students of SCM who meet the admission requirements of the partner institution and with a CGPA >= 2.50 are eligible to apply. Applicants must have completed at least one year of study in the bachelor’s degree programme before the start of the exchange programme. Notwithstanding the above, please note the following:

  • It is not recommended that final year students undertake exchange studies during their final semester of study with the School.


There are two rounds of Student Exchange Programme applications in each academic year. 

  • First Round Application Period (Fall/Spring semester entry) –  December to January
  • Second Round Application Period (Spring semester entry only) – August to September 

Application periods vary each year, please refer to the website of Global Engagement Office (GEO) for updated details.


Please identify an appropriate institution which suits your study plan and interest:

To facilitate your planning on study path and institution choices, you may refer to the “SCM Successful Credit Transfer Cases“ database for past successful credit transfer after students’ completion of their Student Exchange Programmes since 2012/13.

Please note the minimum English requirements of different institutions and ensure you have already fulfilled the qualification in advance of your application.

All information of and from the partner universities is subject to change.  Students must visit their webpages for the most updated information.


To help you review your study path, please complete the “Proposed Course Plan” form, fill in page 1 of the form to review your study status (you should view the existing data available on DegreeWorks via AIMS) and make a study proposal on page 2 of the form.


Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor, bring along the completed “Proposed Course Plan” form and discuss your study plan before making exchange application.  If you are a final year student, you must consult (1) your GT Coordinator about any special arrangements required on your final year project and (2) your Major Leader about any outstanding courses you need to complete during your final year study. Please complete the GT Declaration Form relevant to your cohort year.


Complete the online application of Student Exchange Programme at the Academic Information Management System (AIMS) during the scheduled application period.

Please refer to the website of Global Engagement Office (GEO) for the application eligibility and minimum English requirements. Please be reminded to upload the required and valid proofs within your application, otherwise the qualifications stated in your application will be not be considered as valid.


Student Exchange applications at School Level will be considered under similar eligibility as Institutional Level. Please refer to the eligibility information at the GEO webpage.

Please note the following about the selections:

  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Students who wish to participate in exchange programmes using English as the medium of instruction and assessment should upload the proofs of TOEFL/IELTS result or other recognised English language proficiency tests within their online application.
  • Selection criteria include:
    1. Satisfactory academic performance
    2. Evidence of benefits to students’ study in SCM (e.g. relevance to your final-year/graduation project, your study path or career goal)
    3. Willingness to explore a new culture, meet new people and enthusiasm to be an ambassador of CityU and the School in the future
    4. Language proficiency (Putonghua and / or English, as appropriate)
    5. Proposal of a worthwhile project to be undertaken during the exchange period (may form part of the coursework/project requirement of the partner institution)
    6. Students who have previously participated in CityU's international experience programmes with duration of 4 weeks or more, including but not limited to Leuphana Joint Degree Programme, Student Exchange Programme, summer study programmes, will receive lower priority during selection. 
  • Students may be required to attend an interview.
  • Application results will be announced via AIMS / e-mail by the Global Engagement Office around one month after the application deadlines of each round. Successful candidates should follow the University guidelines on the acceptance of conditional offer.
  • Each successful candidate who received offer will be guided to make an application for admission to the host institution. At this stage, you are required to submit a Proposed Course Plan with approval of your Programme/Major Leader. You should also seek approval for non-SCM courses from the course offering department.
  • The host institutions, however, reserve the final decision on the admission of exchange students.




  • Financial support, Student Exchange Fund and other exchange subsidies/ awards managed by Global Engagement Office.
  • The School has the full discretion to adjust the proportion of each disbursement of the financial support.
  • Scholarships in Support of Student Exchange Programmes managed by Student Development Services, including but not limited to "Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Exchange Scholarships". Please refer to the Scholarship and Financial Aid (SFA) Catalogue for details via AIMS. Information within SFA Catalogue shall be final. To view the SFA Catalogue, please refer to guidelines at SDS website.


  1. In order to maintain a full time student status at the host institution, students are required to take at least 12 CityU credit units (or equivalent) throughout your exchange studies, so as to receive full amount of financial support upon completion of the Student Exchange Programme.
  2. Students who successfully received an exchange offer in the Student Exchange Programme should refer to the FLOW CHART (extracted from the “Proposed Course Plan” form) for the procedures about making a study proposal and credit transfer preparation. See also page 3 to 5 of the form for other important notes on credit transfer. To facilitate your study proposal, you may refer to the “SCM Successful Credit Transfer Cases“ database for past successful credit transfer since 2012/13.
  3. Only after you are successfully offered a place of exchange study, should you need to get the approval of your completed “Proposed Course Plan” from your programme leader.
  4. If you have to select non-SCM courses which fall into your programme curriculum to fulfill the programme requirements, you are required to seek approval from the course offering department on the respective courses. For GE courses, you are required to seek approval from TED Office or relevant course offering departments, please refer to the guideline here.
  5. Please follow closely to the procedures in the FLOW CHART for all the preparation of credit transfer.
  6. You should submit an "Application for Credit Transfer" formally to the SCM General Office after your come back from the exchange study. 


Abertay University, Dundee, United Kingdom
Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic
Asia University (College of Creative Design), Taichung, Taiwan
Beijing Normal University (School of Arts and Communication), Beijing, China
Korea University (School of Art and Design), South Korea
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, Hungary
Peking University (School of Arts), Beijing, China
Seoul National University (College of Fine Arts), South Korea
Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai, China
Shih Hsin University (College of Journalism and Communications), Taipei, Taiwan
Sogang University (Department of Art and Technology), South Korea
Taipei National University of the Arts (School of Film and New Media), Taiwan
Tokyo University of Technology (School of Media Science), Japan
Tongji University (College of Arts and Media), Shanghai, China
University of Bergen (Faculty of Humanities), Norway
University of Lapland (Faculty of Art & Design), Finland
Zürich University of the Arts (Department of Art & Media), Switzerland


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