Achievements & Awards
MOK Chun Fai (BACM 2016 Cohort) and WONG Hoi Hung (BAS 2016 Cohort) won the Special Prize 'La Branche’ (PRIX SPÉCIAL DE LA BRANCHE) in the Festival du Film d'Animation de Savigny 2019 with the work "Iam Twisq"
24 Jun 2019
‘ANiMAL’ exhibition wins Gold
30 May 2019
Achievements & Awards
Our BScCM alumni (2014 Cohort), HO Ka Man, LAM Wing Kei and LO Miu Ki won the Silver Award (Student Category) and Best VR Game award in HKGD Game Competition Expo 2018 with their work "MucX"
22 Jan 2019
Achievements & Awards
CHOW King Kan Kingston (BScCM 2017 Cohort) CHUNG Yik Ching (BAS 2014 Cohort) WU Frank Chun (BScCM 2015 Cohort) and TSANG Chung Yin (non-SCM member) won the Best Creativity award in the 14th Golden Sugarcane Film Festival with their work "電梯殺人事件"
16 Jan 2019