SCM Annual 2022

14 Oct 23 Oct 2022
Exhibition: 11:00 - 18:00 daily; Animation & Film Preview: 12:00, 15-16/10/2022
M3351, L3 (Opening Ceremony) | Singing Waves Gallery, L3 (Exhibition) | Future Cinema Studio M6094, L6 (Animation & Film Preview), Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre
Free Admission. Online pre-registration is required.
SCM Annual 2022

21 October 2022

We are delighted and proud to announce the winners of SCM Annual 2022 Best of the Show:

  • New Vision Award:          Defoam by Chan Pui Sze
  • Art and Science Award: Generative Sawndip by Steven Zhou
  • Humanness Award:        When You Are Old by Yang Ren
  • Solicitude Award:           Isolation, Neighbours, Books by Jonathan Chan

Founded by our alumni of Critical Intermedia Laboratory at SCM since 2013, the "Fountain Prize" award of this year goes to two graduates' works:

  • Dad, Will You Teach Me Calligraphy by ¡wénrán zhào!
  • My Bathtub is Linked to the Sea by Ty Lok Yi

At the opening ceremony, we also presented the Louis Koo Creative Media Awards 2021/22.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

Introduction 引言

“Enter” exists everywhere. It is both a process and an end of every stage. We often obsess over the good things of the past, such as different generations, ages and even careers. The intoxication of the good old days drives us, we are fearful of the unpredictable future and we do not dare to move to the next new level. Meanwhile, we always underrate the word “Enter”. The “Enter” key on the keyboard implies the advance to a new row, a new piece of information; however, we are unfamiliar with this “Enter,” it is hard to stride forward into a new and unknown zone, so we are always retrospecting the past but not prospecting the future.

In this year’s graduation show, our graduates not only present their works via different medium and explore the possibilities of art creation, but also express “who they are at this moment and at this time.” Graduation work is valuable and meaningful. It indicates the reflections and consciousness of oneself, the culture and society. The work thus draws university life to a perfect end, further turning a new page in our lives.

It is fine to look back on the past, but please remember that we are also stepping into a new era, exploring a new self. Enter the stage you have always dreamed of; Keep your head up, chin high. The future awaits!





Download Booklet :

Opening Ceremony 開幕典禮

Date 日期: 14/10/2022

Time 時間: 19:00 - 19:30

Venue 地點: M3351, L3

Online Visitor Pre-registration is required by 6pm on event day 須於當日下午6時前網上預約登記:

Exhibitions 展覽: 14/10- 23/10/2022, 11:00 - 18:00 daily 每日

Online Visitor Pre-registration for exhibition is required 2 working days in advance at



¡wénrán zhào! 趙文然  |  Choi Chung Han Soloman 蔡頌衡  |  Choy Hoi Ting, Cindy 蔡凱婷  | Chung Pui Yee Laura 鍾佩頤  |  Law Ho Yi 羅灝兒  |  Law Wai Lam 羅蔚霖  |  Lee Kai Zheng  |  Lee Yorki 李若綨  |  Leung Yu Ho Thomas 梁宇浩  |  Ling Sum Yi 寧琛頤  |  Mao Yuxuan 毛宇軒  |  Ng Sing Yiu 伍昇耀  |  Steven Zhou  |  Ty Lok Yi 池樂兒  |  Wong Man Sze Clovis 黃敏詩  |  Yang Ren 楊仁

Animation & Film Preview Programs 動畫及電影試映

Date 日期: 15-16/10/2022

Time 時間: From 12:00 onwards 12時開始

Venue 地點: Future Cinema Studio (M6094), L6 樓未來電影工作室

There will be a 30-minute Post-Screening Discussion conducted in Cantonese, English and/or Putonghua.


Free admission. Advance booking is recommended and is available only at the links below. 憑柬免費入場。只接受以下的網上預訂。


Chan Pui Sze 陳佩詩 | Jonathan Chan 陳望心 | Chun Ka Lun, Alan 秦嘉麟 | Ku Hau Yin 顧巧然 | Mok Ka Hei 莫嘉熙  | Yang Ren 楊仁 

15 October (Saturday)


Program 1

Pillar 浮柱


See You In… 未來再見

Alaoja Story

When You Are Old 當你老了

Post-screening Discussion (30 mins)

15 October (Saturday)


Program 2

Before I Leave 彌留之際

Wanting 懸案

Isolation, Neighbours, Books 隔籬開書舍 

Post-screening Discussion (30 mins)

Online Registration Link 網上登記


16 October (Sunday)


Program 3

Before I Leave 彌留之際

Wanting 懸案

Isolation, Neighbours, Books 隔籬開書舍 

Post-screening Discussion (30 mins)

16 October (Sunday)


Program 4

Pillar 浮柱


Alaoja Story

When You Are Old 當你老了

See You In… 未來再見

Post-screening Discussion (30 mins)

Online Registration Link 網上登記



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