Two SCM Faculty Members Honored for Excellence in Teaching


SCM is delighted to have two faculty members shine again at the CityU Teaching Excellence Awards (TEA) this year.

14 Jun 2022
Two SCM Faculty Members Honored for Excellence in Teaching
Miu and Max

Animating the Next Generation of Artists

Dr Max Hattler, Associate Professor at SCM, is recognized for his teaching emphasis in the practice-based animation courses. Beyond the learning under contextual studies, lectures and critiques, students are given step-by-step feedback and technical advice to create finished films ready for exhibition.

“I aim to offer my students unwavering support on their artistic journeys and on their works in progress, enabling them to achieve outcomes higher than they thought themselves capable of,” he said. To this end, students’ films produced in classes are regularly submitted to international film festivals. Dozens of them become award-wining works while around a hundred have been screened at over 160 different film festivals.

To let students have a taste of real-word projects and career prospects, Dr Hattler leverages student’s involvement in collaborations with different professionals. As a result of this, several student films have become official music videos for international musicians. Recently, Dr Hattler has started another practice-based project in collaboration with the Hong Kong Tourism Board to put Hong Kong neighborhoods into animated films. Students will have the chance to have their films exhibited and contribute to the celebration of local culture.

STEAM: Sharing, Training, Empowering, Aspiring, Motivating

Sharing similar teaching philosophy to nurture students becoming successful practicing artists, Dr Lam Miu-ling is also awarded in the TEA as a team member of the Train-the-trainer (TTT) Education Team. The team adopts TTT model which emphasizes learning through conveying new knowledge and ideas to others, which enables both trainers and trainees to meet their learning goals.

The teaching practice carried out by the team is based on STEAM-related learning activities including workshops, competitions and free lessons for the community. It equips students to be successful trainers and provides them with a platform to reach target participants. Dr Lam believes the TTT model applies to different disciplines.  “Some of our students from SCM ran a VR documentary workshop for secondary school teachers and students. This experience helps them master essential life skills for their future success,” she explained.

Dr Lam is not new to teaching awards. Back in 2018, she has won the TEA for her distinguished contribution to advocate social-technological innovation. Her community project “Technologies for the Elderly and Disabled People by Youths” (TEDY) has brought students to work with NGOs and create custom-designed technological aids for the needy. 

The School would like to extend the round of applause to Dr Max Hattler and Dr Lam Miu-ling who devote to the School and set the stage of exemplary teaching at SCM. We look forward to both of their teaching and research works that contribute to the frontier of knowledge.



SCM Awardees of CityU Teaching Excellence Awards (TEA) at a glance


Dr Max Hattler “Animating the Next Generation of Artists”
Dr Lam Miu Ling, a member of the Train-the-trainer Education Team “STEAM: Sharing, Training, Empowering, Aspiring, Motivating”


Dr Lam Miu Ling “Knowledge in Context for a Meaningful Life”


Mr Scott Hessels “Bringing Together Art and Science for Learning about the Environment”
Dr Samson Young “Orchestrating Student Success”


Prof Liu Zhi-qiang “Education 2.0: Playful Learning for Practice”


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