PHD Student

WONG, Fei Pang ⿈⾶鵬

  • Film Studies
  • Trannational filmmaking
  • Independent film
  • Action Research
  • Distribution
Research Area(s)
  • Transnational Filmmaking and Distribution: Action Research on Hong Kong Independent Film


Fei Pang Wong is a PhD candidate in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong.He works as an independent filmmaker and as cinematographer in various commercial films. In 2014, his directorial feature debut An Odd-fish was premiered at Braunschweig International Film Festival and was selected as the Jury Recommendation at South Taiwan Film Festival, as well as becoming the opening film of Beijing Independent Film Festival. In 2015, he co-directed Ten Years which later won the Best Film in Hong Kong Film Awards and received significant international attention. He later participated in the Asian Film Academy organised by Busan International Film Festival and was awarded the Certificate of Excellence. He is the producer of the film The Murders of Oiso, a Japan, Hong Kong and Korea co-production directed by Japanese filmmaker Takuya Misawa. The film is funded and premiered in the Busan International Film Festival and is selected in Hong Kong Asian Film Festival.

Wong goes beyond the role as a filmmaker but also as an advocate to encourage and explore the possibility and diversity of independent filmmaking. He co-founded Ground Up Film Society in 2014, a non-profit film organisation which aims to raise public awareness on the social and artistic value of moving image by initiating film festivals, productions and education programs. By presenting Ground Up Student Film Festival, the team hopes to offer opportunities by creating a platform to enhance conversations between local student and young filmmakers. Wong firmly believes the idea that a film is always beyond a film, but a manifestation of a situation or a relationship. With such faith, he makes movies that are true to the medium itself, himself, and the audience.