S. Louisa Wei 魏時煜

3442 2982 M6020
  • Intellectual History
  • Women’s Cinema
  • Memory Studies
  • Historical Documentary
  • Sinophone Film History
  • Narrative Techniques
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Oral History
  • Cine Feminism


With a PhD in Film Studies from the University of Alberta (Canada) and a MA in Comparative Literature from Carleton University (Canada), Professor Wei joined the School of Creative Media in 2001 and has taught over 4000 students. She teaches both theory and production to BA and MA students, with popular courses like Documentary 1, Documentary 2, Visual Storytelling, Visualizing Literature, and Chinese Cinema. She has advised hundreds of student projects, many of which have won awards in international and local film festivals and competitions.

As an independent documentary filmmaker, Wei became a member of the Hong Kong Director’s Guild in 2018 and has twice served as professional jury for the Hong Kong Film Awards. She has written and directed four feature and three TV documentaries, including Cui Jian: Rocking China (崔健:搖滾中國2006, TV), Storm under the Sun (紅日風暴2009), Golden Gate Girls (金門銀光夢2014), Wang Shiwei: The Buried Writer (王實味:被淹沒的作家2016, for RTHK), Havana Divas (古巴花旦2018), Writing 10000 Miles (跋涉者蕭紅2019, for RTHK), and A Life in Six Chapters (蕭軍六記2022). Her feature works have gained international recognition from both academia and film festivals, as well as attracted media attention ranging from Hollywood’s trade magazine to major newspapers in Hong Kong and mainland China. 

As a scholar and writer, Wei has published seven books including Woman’s Film: Dialogues with Chinese and Japanese Female Directors (女性的電影:對話中日女導演2009, co-author Yang Yuanying), PreAnimate: A Guide for Independent Animators (開始動畫2010, co-author Karen McCann), Cinema East and West (東西方電影2014 First Edition; 2016 Expanded Edition), Esther Eng: Ocean-crossing Film and Women Pioneers (霞哥傳奇:跨洋電影與女性先鋒2016, winner of Hong Kong Book Award 2017), Wang Shiwei: A Reform in Thinking (王實味:文藝整風與思想改造2016, winner of Distinguished Publishing Prize in the Literature and Fiction Category, The First Hong Kong Biennial Publishing Prize), and Hu Feng: Poetic Ideals and Political Storms (胡風:詩人理想與政治風暴2017).

Wei has published many articles on female writers/directors in Sinophone cinema in academic journals, anthologies, and encyclopaedias. She writes column articles in Chinese for general readers and often presents her work at university and community screenings around the world.