PHD Student

MASLIC, Anton Dragan

  • Consciousness Research
  • Interactivity & Simulated
  • Consciousness
  • Installation art
  • Autonomous Responsiveness
  • Philosophy
  • Robotics
Research Area(s)
  • Artificial Consciousness in Postmedia Art


Tony Maslic is a Postmedia artist experimenting with analogue produced, but digital controlled sound art installations, robotics, interactivity, video art, animation. He explores the possibilities if art could trigger a notion of perceived artificial consciousness among its audiences when exposed to his semi-autonomously responsive art objects. Hereby suggesting a possibility of mimicked or simulated artificial consciousness on the art objects he is creating. He questions both potentials and ultimately implications of these technologies if further developed and implemented on a bigger scale in a commercial context. He is doing a PhD at the School for Creative Media at the CityU to explore these issues.