SR Teaching Fellow

LEUNG, Hiu Ming Eddie 梁曉明

3442 5949 M7072
  • 3DCG
  • Animation
  • Cinematography
  • Computer Graphics
  • Digital Composition
  • Digital Imagery
  • Filming
  • Sound Design
  • Storytelling
  • Visual Effects


Mr Leung Hiu Ming, Eddie has backgrounds in sound design & engineering, electronics engineering, computing studies and telecommunication. He received an MSc in Multimedia & Entertainment Technology from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, and was honoured with an Outstanding Student Award. The focuses of his graduate studies were digital content creation; screenwriting; cinematography; digital imagery & visual effects; sound design & mixing and its production management. His independent film project Free TV has won the WorldFest Silver Remi Award in the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (USA) in 2008. His two independent animated short films Liberty and Cycle of Life were selected and screened at the 32nd Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Leung has over 24 years of University teaching experience, beginning at the PolyU School of Design in 1996 up till now at the CityU School of Creative Media: on animation, visual effects, 3DCG and storytelling. During his service at PolyU, he received The President's Award for Achievement - Overall Achievement. In 1996, he founded the Hong Kong Maya User Group (Mayan) which has organized and produced numerous public seminars and activities to foster professionalism and passion in the computer graphic and animation industries. He has also contributed to various industry activities, competitions, government funded programmes and industry support programmes as speaker, member of steering and vetting committees, and jury.