Virtual School Graduation Ceremony for Classes of 2019 and 2020


In view of the rapidly evolving pandemic situation and the possible fourth wave of outbreak, the University has decided, after careful consideration and much deliberation, to change the format of the College/School Graduation Ceremony for the Classes of 2019 and 2020 to online. The Virtual Graduation Ceremony will be broadcast through multiple platforms including Vimeo and Tencent.

02 Feb 2021
Broadcast time: 4pm
Duration : 54 minutes
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In view of the rapidly evolving pandemic situation and the possible fourth wave of outbreak, the University has decided, after careful consideration and much deliberation, to change the format of the College/School Graduation Ceremony for the Classes of 2019 and 2020 to online. The Virtual Graduation Ceremony will be broadcast through multiple platforms including Vimeo and Tencent.

Date: 2 February 2021 (Tuesday)
Time: 4pm (Hong Kong Time. UTC/GMT+8) (Time Zone Converter)
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Duration of Broadcast Video: 54 minutes
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Order of Proceedings

1. Procession

1.   進場

2. The Graduation Ceremony opens

2.   典禮開始

3. Address by the Dean of School of Creative Media, Professor Richard William ALLEN*

3.   創意媒體學院院長艾朗宏教授致辭* 


4. Presentation of SCM Dean's Service Award, Distinguished Research Award and Distinguished Teaching Award 2019, 2020*

4.   頒發創意媒體學院2019及2020年度院長嘉許服務獎、卓越研究獎及卓越教學獎*


5. Graduates of Doctor of Philosophy will be presented by the Dean

5.   院長主持介紹2019及2020年度哲學博士畢業生

6. Address by the Postgraduate Representative, Miss HAO Yu*

6.   研究生代表郝雨小姐致辭*


7. Graduates of Master of Arts in Creative Media and Master of Fine Arts in Creative Media for Classes of 2019 and 2020 will be presented

7.   介紹2019及2020年度文學碩士與藝術碩士畢業生

8. Presentation of Student Awards for Postgraduate Classes of 2019 and 2020


8.   介紹2019及2020年度研究生學業成績優異獎及傑出學生服務獎得獎者

9.  Graduation Message to the Classes of 2019 and 2020


9.   給2019及2020年度畢業生的畢業寄語

10. Address by the Guest-of-Honour, Mr Stanley KWAN Kam Pang, Hong Kong Film Director*

10. 榮譽嘉賓香港電影導演關錦鵬先生致辭*


11. Address by the Undergraduate Representative, Mr TAI Ko Hong*

11. 本科生代表戴誥航先生致辭*


12. Graduates of Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media, Bachelor of Arts and Science in New Media and Bachelor of Science in Creative Media for Classes of 2019 and 2020 will be presented 

12. 介紹2019及2020年度文學士、文理學士及理學士畢業生



13. Presentation of Student Awards for Undergraduate Classes of 2019 and 2020

13. 介紹2019及2020年度本科生學業成績優異獎及傑出學生服務獎得獎者

14. Presentation of souvenir to Guest-of-Honour

14. 致送紀念品

15. The Graduation Ceremony closes

15. 禮成




Address by the Dean of School of Creative Media, Professor Richard William ALLEN

Distinguished Guest Speaker, Faculty, and Graduating Students. I want to give you all a warm welcome to this our first virtual graduation at the School of Creative Media, which combines the graduating classes of 2019 and 2020.

You are all now poised at the proverbial crossroads. The threshold of the future. It is time to reflect upon what you have accomplished in order to look forward to what you can achieve. The very fact that you have succeeded in the crucible of Creative Media shows that you are fearless risk-takers, ready to take the unconventional path that yields innovation and change. You have successfully learned to balance living alone for the first time with realizing your educational goals; you have learned to use the tools of new media to create artworks that express your point of view on the world in which you live; you have learned to weave your own voice with the voices of others to make something that you yourself could not have made alone; you have learned to master digital tools to develop, games, animations, apps, and other digital artifacts that are both fun and useful; you have learned as scholars of media how to understand the technologies of communication that shape our lives. Thinking artists and creative technologists, you are the 2019 and 2020 graduating students of Creative Media and I salute you. You should be as proud of what you have accomplished here as we are immensely proud of you.

We are entering a world of unprecedented opportunity. Social change, driven by the engines of technological innovation and development, proceeds at an ever more rapid pace, and with that change comes the promise of increasing prosperity and life expectancy for millions who have previously lived in poverty. Proliferating forms of communication and interaction allow us to connect with people and places that were previously alien, unknown, ignored or misunderstood, and in an everyday way it is now so easy to stay in touch with one another and enlarge our circles of family and friends. More than ever we are in a position to realize that there is so much more that unites us as human beings with common purpose and aim, than that which divides us and keep us apart. Digital media and new technologies provide an immeasurably rich potential for social enrichment and social improvement.

At the same time we face great challenges. Social unrest swept across Hong Kong in 2019 at once in response to and precipitating significant political change; COVID 19 has reminded us of more existential threats. Few thought a generation or so ago, that rapid technological development could yield accelerating manmade climate change. How we act now in response to this will have decisive impact on the future. Furthermore, the very same technologies that promise free and open communication between people can also lead to new forms of social control and the manipulation of taste and choice through supposedly neutral algorithms. What is perhaps most troubling, is that the forces unleashed by globalization, positive though many of their effects have been, have created profound disquiet among those who see their old, comfortable, and familiar ways of life undermined. Today, human societies’ tolerance for change is being tested in a way that has little historical precedent. We have to find the means to affirm the values and cultures that bind us together and make life meaningful, even as we embrace technology-driven innovation.

Fortunately, you are young, creative, and technologically literate. So you are extremely well placed to imagine and to implement new pathways of human development, new ways of using technology, new ways of conceiving the future, and new solutions to old problems. Even faced with the challenges of today, when I see the graduates of Creative Media, I am optimistic for the future, and I look forward, in anticipation, to seeing what you make of the world and the world makes of you.

Thank you and Congratulations!








Presentation of SCM Dean's Service Award, Distinguished Research Award and Distinguished Teaching Award 2019 and 2020
Dean's Service Award 2019
Dr. Linda Chui Han LAI

Dr. Lai is a founding member of SCM and has played an extraordinary role in shaping SCM’s pedagogic philosophy and curriculum and in training generations of media artists. For 10 years Linda served as Director of teaching and learning at SCM and led the Discovery Enriched Curriculum. She won the HKADC Art Promotion Award for SCM in 2014 and was part of the CityU DEC team which won the UGC teaching award in 2017. Linda led the Critical Intermedia Laboratory of the old BACM and she designed and led our new BACM program. In 2015, Lai founded Floating Projects collective in which 17 former SCM students now participate. Supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Floating Projects has resulted in many artworks, curated programs and exhibitions. Please join me in congratulating Linda for her outstanding service to the School.

Dean's Service Award 2020
Dr. Olli Tapio LEINO

For 10 years Olli has the led the creation of SCM’s international profile (with the support of Sheree Leung and her staff), establishing a joint degree program, several summer schools and numerous exchange programs. Most recently Olli spearheaded the development of Shared Campus, an international consortium of art and design schools. Equally important has been his organization and leadership of international conferences including the extraordinary ISEA 2016, The 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art. Finally Olli has played a critical role on several SCM committees, including, most recently, the School Staffing Committee. Please join me in congratulating Olli for this Award and to thank him for his outstanding service to the School.

Distinguished Research Award 2019
Prof. Jeffrey SHAW

Jeffrey Shaw receives this award for his impactful, pioneering work developing new forms of interactive and immersive 3D technologies for the purpose of preserving and displaying tangible and intangible cultural heritage. This work includes the Place-Hampi exhibition at the UNESCO World Heritage Site in India, Pure Land: Inside the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang, Documenting Confucian Rites, the Digital Atlas of Maritime Buddhism, The Digital preservation and exhibition of Hakka Kung Fu and numerous exhibitions in the CityU gallery in collaboration with the Taiwan Palace Museum. Recently Shaw was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in Digital Art from ACM SIGGRAPH. Please join me in congratulating Professor Shaw for this Award.

Distinguished Research Award 2020
Prof. Hongbo FU

Hongbo Fu has now been with the School for over 10 years and in this time he has established an unparalleled level of research excellence in his chosen field of developing 2D/3D content creation tools. He has published approximately 80 high ranking papers and in 2019-20 alone he co-authored five top ranking journal papers and seven refereed conference papers. He is the recipient of 6 GRF Awards and four patents, and his research has over 3000 citations. In 2016 he received the President’s Award in recognition of his scholarship. Please join me in congratulating Professor Fu for his achievement.

Distinguished Teaching Award 2019
Prof. Tamas WALICZKY

Tamas joined the School in 2010 as leader of the then Animation stream. Since that time he set the benchmark for teaching the Animation curriculum at both the undergraduate and graduate level. He sustained an outstanding average TLQ of 6.39 over the 10 years he taught at the School and he is universally admired by his students:“So responsible,” “so nice,” “so clear,” “so helpful,” “time flies when I take his class.” While teaching so brilliantly Tamas sustained an extremely high level of professional accomplishment, including representing his country, Hungary, at the Venice Biennale. I am sure you will all want to join me in congratulating Tamas for his distinguished teaching service.

Distinguished Teaching Award 2020
Dr. Ayoung SUH

Specializing in courses on social media and its cultural impact, Ayoung Suh also took responsibility for teaching Research Skills and Methods to our diverse constituency of Ph.D. students. She secured a teaching start up grant and two teaching development grants to develop her pedagogy. Her TLQs were consistently among the highest in the School and her student comments are universally excellent. My favourite: “She is considerate enough to ensure that we receive the most proper assistance matching the level of our ability.” All the while she sustained the highest levels of scholarship. Please join me in thanking Ayoung for her distinguished contribution to teaching at SCM.


創意媒體學院院長嘉許服務獎、卓越研究獎及卓越教學獎2019 及2020
2019 院長嘉許服務獎


2020 院長嘉許服務獎
Olli Tapio LEINO博士



        邵志飛開拓了新形式的沈浸式互動三維技術,用作保存和展示有形、無形的文化遺產,影響至鉅,因而獲得此獎項。邵志飛的作品包括由聯合國教科文組織在印度的世界遺產地舉辦的 《地點-漢比》展覽;《人間淨土-走進敦煌莫高窟》展覽;記錄中國禮文化;海上佛教數碼地圖集;客家功夫數碼保存和展覽,以及多個與台灣故宮博物院合作的展覽,在城大般哥展覽館展出。最近,邵志飛獲得計算機協會「計算機圖形圖像特別興趣小組」頒發的數碼藝術終身成就獎。讓我們一起祝賀邵教授獲得此獎項。



Tamás Waliczky教授


Ayoung Suh博士

         Ayoung Suh專門教授有關社交媒體及其文化影響的課程,亦負責向不同背景的博士生教導研究技巧與方法。她曾獲得一項教學創立資助金和兩項教學發展資助金,以研發自己的教學法。她的教學評分位於學院最高之列,學生對她的教學評論極佳。我最欣賞的評論:「她很體貼,確保我們獲得與我們水平最相稱的協助。」與此同時,她亦保持最高水平的學術品質。讓我們一起感謝Ayoung對學院的傑出貢獻。


Address by the Postgraduate Representative, Miss HAO Yu

Hi, I am HAO Yu, an MACM graduate last year. I am very honored to be here for the virtual graduation ceremony and I would like to take this opportunity to ‘revisit’ our journey at SCM.

It is actually at this point that I suddenly realized how fast time went by. I can still remember the first day I came to this school, the orientation day in 2018. That was the day I got amazed by this modern architecture with a touch of avant-garde, even though later on I often got lost in it when looking for a lecture room. That was also the day I got to know so many of our professors, among whom many are artists, philosophers, and computer scientists.

I remember it was Dr. Damien’s class that first introduced us to the world of new media art that is cross-influenced by the history of art and the development of technology. Then there were Dr. Olli’s classes that showed us how computer games, commonly known as entertainment technology, can be so artistic and philosophical. In Dr. Yuk Hui’s class, we got a taste of how complex and thought-provoking the philosophy of art and technology can be. The list can go on and on.

Even though it was only one year, the intensity we felt, the workload we had, and the accomplishment we gained are not something that can be easily measured by timespan. As long as the knowledge we have learned and the critical thinking we have been trained in here are still with us, this journey always continues.

Last but not least, I want to express my sincere thanks to the school and all the professors and staff members who have accompanied us on this wonderful journey.

Special thanks to my then research project advisor Dr. Olli. Owing to his guidance, I had the opportunity to present my paper at an international academic conference at the end of my master studies.

I also want to thank you all, my fellow classmates, for being together in this journey and I wish you all the best in the future.




        我記得是Damien 博士的課堂,引領我們進入新媒體藝術的世界,才曉得這原來是受藝術史和科技發展的相互影響。然後是連藹理博士的課堂,向我們展示俗稱為娛樂科技的電腦遊戲,可以如此充滿藝術和哲學思想。在許煜博士的課堂,我們領略到藝術和科技哲學可以如此複雜,如此啟發思考。這樣的領悟數之不盡。






Address by the Guest-of-Honour, Mr Stanley KWAN Kam Pang, Hong Kong Film Director

It is my great honour to be here to share the moment with the graduates. I am Stanley Kwan, the Adjunct Professor of Chinese Scriptwriting and Directing for Hong Kong Cinema course.

I always remind myself to be grateful. I am grateful for having been a script supervisor for TVB in the late 70s, where I joined a film crew that used 16mm film to shoot television unit dramas. I was fortunate to have worked with several directors in the film production unit like Ann Hui, Patrick Tam and Yim Ho. I not only could enjoy their works as an audience, but also had the opportunity to actually participate in their production. Later in the early 80s, I even got the chance to work an assistant director for these directors who were known as the “New Wave of Hong Kong Cinema.” Their unique filming styles had a deep impact on me. Who had the deepest influence? Hui is Hui, Tam is Tam. They are not interchangeable or replaceable because they all remain true to their creation. The sincerity comes from finding themselves through creating their works.

Bearing this original intention in mind, when I began to create my own works, I always asked myself: What are you, Stanley Kwan? Looking back on my experiences of being a script supervisor and assistant director with these great directors, as well as my friends in other fields, they are all my mirrors. These mirrors will definitely reflect my strengths and weaknesses to some extent, thereby allowing me to face them, and to find my own way to treasure my strengths and to rectify my weaknesses. Certainly I have to adhere to what is good. This is essential for artists to find themselves through their creation. Of course you can be anything, be kind.

I would like to share with you the anecdotes of two internationally acclaimed directors, David Fincher and Steven Soderbergh. Fincher may call as many as 70 NGs (a sequence marked no good) at a scene, and he is harsh to the leading creators as well. Soderbergh uses a different approach. He emphasizes free-flow and manages the scene in a relaxed manner. If you are interested, you can track down these two masters online.

As I have cited the above two scenarios while speaking about “being kind”, you may ask me who the unkind director is. But that is exactly not the point I want to make. My view is, as an artist, you can only use the means you believe in to actualize what you believe is good. For Fincher’s 70 NGs, it may turn out only in the 70th time that he could tune in with his actors and discover what he wanted the most. Soderbergh’s free-flow is actually another kind of persistence. Therefore I urge young artists like you to find your true self, then work on your creation with your true self, with your true feelings.

Besides this, I would also like to bring up here of being Hong Konger, a Hong Kong artist especially. What ideas will you come up with in mind if you intend to stay in Hong Kong?

In my Chinese scriptwriting class for the next semester, I will ask my students to think about something in particular. Hong Kong has been so eventful over the past two years, she has been experiencing drastic changes. I will ask students in the scriptwriting class to reflect on themselves: How do I start off again? Do I really need to start off again? Does Hong Kong need to start off again? If so in what way? How should Hong Kong film industry start off again? And so on. Since we are talking about Hong Kong people and Hong Kong affairs, I encourage our students to give more care to the city we live. If you want to shoot a story about Hong Kong, it must be intertwined with the city, the communities, the space and the architecture in the city. The connections are inseparable. Try your utmost to explore and discover this city, its community, architecture and space, and see how they relate to you. Thank you all.




        我經常提醒自己要感恩,感恩70年代末能夠加入TVB無線電視做場記。那是一個用16mm菲林拍攝電視單元劇的組別,我幸運地能跟隨菲林組的幾位導演如許鞍華、譚家明、嚴浩等做場記,令我不單能作為觀眾欣賞到他們的電視作品,還有機會實際參與其中。之後80年初,更有機會做副導演,替這班號稱「香港電影新浪潮」的導演任副導演。他們每位不同的電影風格,影響我至深。至深在哪? 許鞍華就是許鞍華,譚家明就是譚家明,不可互換或替代,原因就是他們是用真心去面對創作。真心來自他們透過創作找到自己。

        當我明白此初心,到我有機會開始自己創作的時候,我會常常問自己:關錦鵬你是什麼?從我跟他們做場記和副導演的過程中,甚至我更多不同界別的朋友,他們都是我的一面面鏡子。這些鏡子某程度一定會反映關錦鵬本身的優缺在哪裏,從而再去面對自己的優缺。如何去珍惜自己的優,去修補自己的缺,當然亦要去擇善固執,我覺得這是創作人所必需的,在創作中找到自己。當然You can be anything, be kind (你可以做任何事,做個善良的人。) 我想與各位分享一下兩位國際知名導演David Fincher 和Steven Soderbergh。Fincher 拍戲時可以在現場NG演員70次,也嚴厲對待現場的主創。Soderbergh用的則是另一種處理方式,他強調Free-Flow(自由流動),很relax(從容)地處理現場的操作。各位如有興趣可上網追查兩位大導演。

        我既然講Be kind,又舉上面兩位導演的例子。大家會不會問我兩位導演誰unkind(不友善)呢?正正不是,我覺得作為一位創作人,面對自己相信的東西,只能用你相信的方法去得到。Fincher NG 70次,說不定正正是到第70次才找到他和演員最共通的、發現自己最想要的感覺。Soderbergh的Free-Flow其實也是另一種執著。所以我鼓勵年青創作者,找到自己很重要,然後用真心真我去面對創作。 另一點想和大家說一下,作為香港人、特別是香港的創作人,如果準備留在香港,有什麼想法?



Address by the Undergraduate Representative, Mr TAI Ko Hong



Distinguished Guests,

Fellow Graduates,

Family and Friends of the Graduates,

Good Afternoon.

I am Ziv Tai, a fresh graduate from the School of Creative Media. I am humbled by the honor bestowed upon me to say something, and share this incredible moment with you. On behalf of the graduating classes of 2019 and 2020, I would like to offer my sincerest congratulations to you all.

From the extradition agreement issue to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had a painful and anxious time in the past two years. During this challenging period, we feared, we worried, and we frustrated, but we never give up and overcame all the difficulties. Our hard work has culminated in this momentous occasion, the end of a long journey of academic preparation, and the commencement of achieving life goals and making a significant contribution to the future.

Today, I want to share with you a story from my life. The story of my dream.

Looking back, I was one of the worst students at school. Late, absent, overdue with my homework, using foul language. And of course, my academic results were unacceptable. Even the principal wanted to kick me out of the school. So, what did I usually do at that time? I played games, a lot of games. And I made my first game named “The end of life” and shared it with my best friend Brian and he liked it. That is the beginning of my dream.

At first, no one believed in it. Most of them thought that I would give up my dream soon: “Stop chasing your stupid dream,” they said, “stop doing something useless, and finish your studies”. There is nothing more heartbreaking than having no one to support you. However, I insisted on pursuing what I was passionate about. I purchased a drawing pad, started my first digital drawing, and I learnt how to program. One day, my mother told me “If you really want to be a game developer, if you really don’t want to study at school, then you should do what you really want to do.” She is the first one who believed in and supported my dream. Although she has passed away and not able to see my achievements, her support is still with me.

I have been striving for my dream for many years and I turned myself from a game amateur to a real game developer with the help from SCM. I participated in various activities like summer school, internships, SIGGRAPH Asia, and SIG playful media showcase, entered competitions and won prizes. And yes, just like all of you, I seldom slept. But I was pursing my dream. The School of Creative Media has been so valuable to me because it accepted my crazy dream and insane ideas. Thank you to NG Tsz Yan Kris and CHOI Kwan Ho Nelson, who are my final year project teammates. Thank you to all the faculties and staff at SCM.

“Don't study something that you know you are bad at and follow your passion, pursue excellence and success will come chasing you.” This is a film dialogue from a famous movie named “3 idiots”. If you have decided your dream, then don’t waste your time on living someone else’s life. If not, go and find it. Success doesn’t belong to those who do nothing but wait. And of course, don’t forget the one who supports you along the way. Family and friends are more important than your dream.

I am lucky to be here and share my story, your story could be much more interesting than mine. I hope to hear it someday. My every best wish for all that comes hereafter, and my congratulations to the class of 2019 and 2020 once again. Thank you very much.














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