SCM students get ArtTech awards in the Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award 2022

22 Aug 2022
GB STEM Award Presentation Ceremony

Congratulations to two teams of SCM students who have won the Gold and Silver Award respectively in the ArtTech category of The Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award 2022 (HKSAR) with the following final-year projects:

Gold Award (ArtTech)


It is FINE to Be Sad

by BSc Creative Media students CHAN Ka Yu, CHOW Ka Chun and SU Hui Shan


Silver Award (ArtTech)


Side By Side

by BSc Creative Media students CHAN Yu Hin, LAI Hoi Ting and LAM Po Yin




It is FINE to Be Sad is an interactive installation that aims to raise awareness of the “Five Stages of Grief” and help people understand, accept and get out of grief when they face a difficult life situation. The project has made use of optical illusion, animation and augmented reality technology to help audience go through all the stages of grief step-by-step in an interactive yet reflective way.


Side By Side is an interactive installation that combines projection, human figures, animation and motion tracking. It aims to show the influence of the Internet on interpersonal communication and help people review and reflect human relationships under the influence.


A big applause to the above young STEM talents for getting recognition on their creativity and innovation. More details of the awards can be found here.