Phillip Warnell: An Anatomy of the Incorporeal: Collaborations with Jean-Luc Nancy

19 Jun 2024
5:00 pm
M6050 Screening Room I, L6, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, CityUHK
Free Admission. Pre-registration for entry is required.
Phillip Warnell poster

Following a decade of cinematic and poetic collaborations with eminent philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy prior to his passing in 2021, this talk offers a highly personal interpretation of our film and philosophical perspectives, using excerpts and fragments from shared writing and image-making, along with an intimate portrayal of Nancean philosophy. Presenting existing and new materials generated at Nancy’s family home in Strasbourg, it conveys a methodological, open structured, creative output, which unifies our work. Speaking on human-animal relations, otherness as subjectivity and the withdrawal from presence inherent in our arrival, I will present excerpts from three award-winning experimental films, shared research materials and evidence of an ongoing dialogue.

About the Artist

Phillip Warnell is an artist-filmmaker and writer from London. He produces cinematic and art works that explore a range of philosophical, poetic and sensorial thematics: ideas on human-animal relations, the political and cinematic imagination, presence of those with prescient or extraordinary attributes, and poetics of bodily and life-world circumstances. His work is performative, establishing elements for a film shoot as (part) event, resulting in an interplay between scripted, documented and (sometimes) precarious filming circumstances. His extensive written work has been included in numerous publications, journals and volumes. It engages with collaborative methodologies, contemporary theory, artists’ moving image practices, and film & philosophy.

He has worked at numerous universities across the UK, USA and EU, undertaking visiting professorships and fellowships, most recently at the Film Study Center at Harvard University in 2018. He is currently an Associate Professor in Film at the University of Lincoln, UK.

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