MFA Graduation Show 2021 – Please Mind the Gap

13 May 28 May 2021
Opening Ceremony 13 May, 18:00 | Performance 13 May, 18:30 | Exhibition 14-28 May (Close on 17 May), 11:00 - 18:00 daily | Animation & Film Preview 22-23 May, 1pm - 4:30pm
Multimedia Theatre M1060, L1 (Opening Ceremony, Performance) | Singing Waves Gallery, L3 (Graduates Exhibition) | M9001, L9 (Students Exhibition) | Future Cinema Studio M6094, L6 (Animation & Film Preview), Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre
Free Admission. Pre-registration for non-CityU visitor is required 2 days in advance.
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Opening Ceremony: 13 May (Thursday), 6pm
Performance:            13 May (Thursday), 6:30pm
Exhibitions:               14 – 28 May (Close on 17 May), 11am – 6pm daily
Animation & Film Preview: 22 – 23 May 2021 (Saturday & Sunday), 1pm

22 May1pm Animation | 1:30pm Experimental Film | 3pm Feature Film | 4pm Documentary

23 May1pm Feature Film | 2pm Experimental Film | 3pm Animation | 3:30pm Documentary


MFA Graduation Show 2021 - Please Mind the Gap

Gap is the void between matters physically, metaphorically, theoretically, and more. From the gap caused by misunderstanding in communication, to the gap of comprehension between generations, to the gap between values of different cultures and nations, the list goes on and on. The space between “where we are”, the present, and “where we want to be”, the future, is also called “gap”. 
The voids between matters named as “gaps” fill in this unnamable space. A space where possibilities out of built structures are no longer limited, a space unknown that leads to undefined “fillings”, if that is how we should name it. Where there is an unknown, there is fear, but is it not also where freedom lays. If there is freedom, there is a place for renegotiation,  there is a place for art.
Stepping into the 2020s is bizarrely surreal, adopting the highlighted gap between virtual and actual is almost overloading. Please Mind the Gap as a showcase of the outcome of the two-year MFA programme is unlike ever before. This is a “special” class of students where some of us have never seen each other face to face. As always, being extraordinary is at the same time a curse and a blessing. While witnessing this inescapable gap, we open the space for discussion to redefine it.


「間隙 」是指實體、隱喻、理論等維度之間的空白地帶。 從溝通中產生的誤解,到世代之間的理解差距所產生的代溝,再到不同文化、不同民族間的價值觀差異所造成的隔閡,不勝枚舉。 「現在」與 「未來 」,「所處」與「歸宿」之間,同樣存在「間隙 」。
「間隙 」,填補了一切無以名狀的空白。 如此,這由「未知 」與「未定」所填滿的空間,其結構的可能性將不再受限。 「未知 」為「恐懼 」之所在,但是這不同樣是自由之所在嗎? 自由之所在,亦是重議之所在,藝術之所在。
步入2020年,那些虛實之間,詭異莫名的超現實現象,幾乎在無限重載。 作為兩年制MFA課程的成果展示,《留意間隙》是前所未有的。 這是一個 「特殊 」的班級,有些人甚至從未面對面相見。 這份「特殊 」既是「詛咒」,亦是「祝福」。在見證著這不可避免的「間隙 」的同時,一個空白的地帶也隨之出現。在這裏,它將被我們重新定義。

XING Tong 邢通, HO Tsz Wing 何芷詠, ZHOU Ziyou 周子游, YANG Ke 楊可, WUN Sin Hang Cynthia 温凊蘅(小肥), WU Wenjie 武文杰, ZHANG Haitao 張海濤, LIU Yuran 劉雨然, LEE Yuk Ki Florence 李鈺淇, CHAN Ka Kiu Clair 陳嘉翹, LEE Wing Mun 李咏敏, QIN Yue 秦悅, CHEN Fangning 陳芳寧, FENG Jiawen 馮嘉雯, LI Pan 李攀, HUANG Qianhui 黃千慧, RONG Hua榮華

MFA Student Show 2021 - Ferment

To Ferment is to transform, through a state of agitation and intense activity. It is an ongoing exercise that is unstable and unpredictable, yet at the same time is full of energy and possibility.

This process of creation is a dialogue not only between the self and the medium, but also the environment. Transformation is not confined to the materialization and concretization of ideas and concepts, but also to become part of the transformative process that underpins the world we live in.

The works show here are the work of the 26 artists from the first year of Creative Media MFA program. These works in progress show the departure from the baseline to uncertain states which are hindered by normality. This unsettling chaos between our minds and reality that are conceived in this time and space particularly echoing from within, might them carry new imagination, might them be provocative, might them be a new authenticity, awaits fermentation.


Ferment - 酵 ,是一個激烈而充滿不確定性的過程,同時也是一個充滿能量和可能性的階段。

CHAN Hattie 陳奕蓓, CHAN Jialei 陳珈蕾, CHEN Tong 陳統, FONG Hin Nam 方顯楠, FONG Ka Sin 方嘉善, GAN Lu 甘露, GAO Muyi 高沐藝, GE Chang 戈暢, JIANG Ding Yuan 姜丁元, LAM Isabelle 林樂騫, LAU Tatia Pui Wan 劉姉芸, LIU Jiahui 劉家慧, LO Wan Ki 盧韻淇, LU Jiaqi 盧家祺, LUO Meixin 羅美欣, NG Chit 吳捷, PENG Huilin 彭惠琳, PUN Tze Wai 潘子懷, WANG Zichun 汪子純, WEI Xuxin 韋雨馨, WU Jun 吴浚, XU Mingyan 徐銘言, YANG Hao 楊浩, ZHANG Tian 張天, ZHAO Xingxiang 趙新翔


Instagram: scm_mfa

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23 May
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