Julian Lee Asia One Photographic Awards 2020 presents FRACTAL: A Joint Exhibition of Tsang Po Lam Grace, Tsang Ming Sum Jimmy, Ngai Tsz Kwan Tracey and Lo Kin Kwan Selina


The Julian Lee Asia One Photographic Awards, which were first established in 2014 as the Julian Lee Photographic Scholarships. They are named after the late Mr. Julian Lee, former Associate Professor in the SCM at CityU. Asia One Communications Group installed a new fund to the scholarship in 2015, and the scholarship was renamed as the Julian Lee Asia One Photographic Awards. The awards support the talented students from SCM to organize their own photographic exhibition and showcase their creative work. This year we have four young artists receive the award.

07 Nov 22 Nov 2020
Opening Reception: 06 NOV 2020, 4pm
Exhibition Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am - 6pm, Sat-Sun 12pm - 6pm.
Singing Waves Gallery, L3, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre
Free Admission


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                           ▣ Opening reception
                           6 November 2020 (Friday) 4pm
                           *Live on YouTube
                           YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEgFdtZi364&feature=youtu.be
                           ▣ 開幕
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Fractal, a terminology coined by Mandelbrot in 1975 for complex and chaotic phenomenon, is perceived as scatter, fragment and division. Until 1986, fractal was elaborated to "A fractal is a shape made of parts similar to the whole in some way."

From the stream of time to the viral space, photography places us departed yet resonant; from the reading of persons to the reading of representations, we are morphed by the generative nature of photography.

Here we scatter photography and tour the reading, as well as in reminisce, mortality and material. With the collision of fragments, images morph into unfamiliar forms and provide us with new perspectives towards memories, individuals and the environment.

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碎形 - 曾葆琳、曾銘森、魏芷軍、盧建君聯合攝影展

碎形(Fractal),其意義即為破碎的、分裂的、不平坦的之定義,由本華·曼德博(Mandelbrot, Benoit B) 於1975年為複雜與無規則現象所創的新名詞。公元1986年,曼氏對於碎形有了更明確的定義:「其組成部分與整體之間以某種方式相似的形,則稱為碎形」。





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