SCM MFA Show 2018

17 May 03 Jun 2018
11:00am - 07:00pm
Singing Waves Gallery (L3) & L9, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre
SCM MFA Show 2018 Poster

Opening Reception 開幕
Date and Time 日期及時間: 
19:00, 17.05.2018 

Venue 地點: 
Multimedia Theatre, L1, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

Public Guided Tours & Artist Sharing (led by MFA students) 公眾導賞團及藝術家分享
Date & Time 日期及時間:
11:00, 02.06.2018 (Sat)
Gathering Point 集合點:
Singing Waves Gallery, L3, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

* Maximum 15 pax per group. No registrations, First-come-first-served

Exhibition 展覽
Period 日期:
18.05 – 03.06.2018
Opening Hours 開放時間: 
11:00 – 19:00   

Enlightenment: SCM MFA Graduation Show 藝術碩士畢業展

Venue 地點: 
Singing Waves Gallery, L3, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

Artists 藝術家* (MFA Graduate Students 藝術碩士畢業生):
BOO Chun Kit 布俊傑 | CHAN Hong Yui, Clement 陳匡睿 | CHEN Xingyu 陳星宇 | CHEN Wenjia 陳文佳 | CHIN Hoi Tung 錢凱彤 |
FU Guanhua 付冠華 | GONG Chunxi 龔春曦 | HUANG Xuanyang 黃選陽 | LAU Hiu Kong, Lawrence 劉曉江 | LI Yixiao 李怡曉 |
LIU Yuqian 劉雨芊 | POAN Fung Lian, Fonny 潘鳳蓮 | WANG Ruonan 王若男 | WANG Xishu 王希澍 | WU Jiawen 武佳文 |
YAN Jiahui 言佳慧 | YOU Long  尤龍  &  SHEN Qi 沈琪 (A.K.A. Pink Money) | YU Wing Yan 余穎欣 | ZHANG Bixin 張碧心 | 
ZHAO Huier 趙慧兒

Enlightenment, a notion with historical reference to the European intellectual movement of the 18th century, lays the foundation for the presentation of works by 21 young and creative talents participating in this exhibition, Enlightenment: MFA Graduation Show 2018. While the politics and scientific reasoning associated with the historic movement may seem irrelevant to art, the celebration of individuality and critical thinking during the Age of Enlightenment calls to mind what is essential in creative practices of any kind. One may say that artists are constantly “enlightened” by their experiences from everyday life. Creative works in various media showcased in this exhibition, including photography, video, animation, mix-media installation and performance, are virtual or physical manifestations of each and every artist’s “enlightened” experience. Some of the works may require a more conceptual and philosophical understanding; others ask for attention on their audio-visual and aesthetic presentations. Through this exhibition, more importantly, the artists’ common goal is to deliver a comparable “enlightened” experience that had once inspired and motivated them. And through the appreciation of works in this exhibition, viewers could attain, hopefully, yet another state of spiritual “enlightenment” of their own. 



UNRAVEL: SCM MFA Student Show 藝術碩士學生展

Venue 地點: 
L9, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre 

Artists 藝術家* (MFA Year 1 Students 藝術碩士一年級生):
CHEN Qiuyu 陳秋雨 | CHENG Nga Yan 鄭雅茵 | HUANG Xiaowen 黃小雯 | LIAO Jiaming 廖家明 | LI Yuanlu 李園蕗 | LIU Chang 劉暢 |
LIU Da 劉達 | LIU Sijia 劉思佳 | LU Xinyang 盧心洋 | MEI Mengyang 梅夢楊 | QIAO Qing 喬青 | SHE Weijiang 佘偉將 |
SHUEN Lai Yin, Larry 孫禮賢 | WONG Suk Yin, Elaine 黃淑賢 | Di WU 吳迪

* 按英文字母順序排列 in alphabetical order

Unravel is a collection of artistic discoveries stemmed from the series of experimentations in the MFA studio sessions. Diving deep into the recurring process of learning and unlearning, we attempt to unfold and untangle the mysteries of arts. Finding our ways among the many constructions and deconstructions, we engage ourselves with sound, images, materials, virtuality, actuality, bodies and space, from which the most valuable dialogues with ourselves and the contemporaries sprouted.

The exhibition showcases a body of works in the form of animation, video installation, interactive digital game, performance, painting and photography. The wide variety of artistic interests and focuses demonstrate our diverse backgrounds and specialties.

Unravel is a segment of our creative journey composed of multiple diverging points, which reflects individual experiences and trajectories that prepare us for future dialogues and possibilities.




SCM MFA Show 2018 Poster