The Waste Land - MFA Graduation and Student Show 2022


The Waste Land is an exhibition structured by pieces, as in the worlding of T.S Elliot’s poem; it is composed of diverse voices from various perspectives. Gathering works by emerging artists from MFA Creative Media, this exhibition showcases their unique responses to our current world, experimenting in the chaotic playground. It also showcases their documentary, feature film, experimental and animation works.

14 May 31 May 2022
Opening Night + Performance 11/05, 19:00-20:30 || Exhibitions 14-31/05, 11:00-18:00 daily || Online Artist Talks 20, 23, 26/05 || Film Preview 21-22, 28-29/05
Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre
Free Admission
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Opening Night 開幕典禮

Date 日期: 11/5/2022

Venue 地點: Multimedia Theatre(M1060), L1 多媒體劇院

Time 時間: 19:00 - 19:30

Performance 表演: "Emojians"

Date 日期: 11/5/2022

Venue 地點: Multimedia Theatre(M1060), L1 多媒體劇院

Time 時間: 20:00 - 20:30

Emojians is an immersive experimental performance that explores the possibility of Emoji, an emerging internet language, as performance notations. Interconnected through a modified Discord server, performers from different backgrounds act as both interpreters and creators of Emoji-based prompts. Audio feedback generated by the smartphone network reflects the physicality of the performance as a result of the virtual interaction.

Director 導演: Longman LUK

Performers 表演者: Tina YEUNG, LI Chak-yin, CHEUNG Kwan-him, CHU Tsz-yeung, Jaa, DENG Yuan-yuan, LUK Long-man, MAK Yung-ka, YANG Hao, Cyrus LEUNG


All persons attending Opening Night and Performance, except those exempted, are required to comply with the requirements under the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance (Cap.599) including: scan the "LeaveHomeSafe" QR code and provide valid Vaccine Pass before being allowed to enter the venue. Please arrive earlier to avoid delaying your participation as longer time is required for such registration.

所有出席開幕典禮和表演的人士,除獲豁免者外,均須遵守《預防及控制疾病條例》(第599章)的規定,包括:掃描 「安心出行」二維碼,並提供有效的「疫苗通行證」,方可進入會場。由於登記時間較長,請提前到場,以免耽誤您的進場。

Online Pre-Registration Link 網上預約登記

Opening Night:

Performance (No Seating):

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Exhibitions 展覽: 14/5 - 31/5/2022, 11:00 - 18:00 daily 每日

Graduate Exhibition Venue 畢業生作品展地點: Singing Waves Gallery (M3301), L3 樓濤聲畫廊

First Year Student Exhibition Venue 一年級生作品展地點: M9001, L9 balcony, L9 樓

Online Visitor Pre-registration for exhibitions is required 2 working days in advance at


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Online Artist Talks 藝術家網上座談會

The Talks will be conducted in English. 座談會將以英語進行。


1. Bodily Exploration and Perspectives Beyond Human

20/05/2022, 17:00-18:00

Speakers: Dr. ZHENG Bo, YANG Hao, Melody Qingmei LI

Meeting ID : 936 8924 3140


2. Making sounds with VCV Rack 2: an introductory workshop to Eurorack synthesizer

23/05/2022, 17:00-18:00

Speaker: Longman LUK

Meeting ID : 916 6646 2337

Description: I love making sounds with VCV Rack, a eurorack synthesizer simulator - from generative patches that I can sit and listen to all night, to modulator patches that interact with external sources such as instruments, hardware, and field recordings, to just a tiny bit of audio sample that I need for other projects, the possibilities are endless. Best of all, it’s totally free before you decide to dive deep into the hardware world. In this workshop, I would like to share the core concepts and components of subtractive synthesis (namely voltage-controlled oscillator, amplifier, filter, and amplitude envelope) and how can you make use of them in conjunction with a sequencer and a random module in VCV Rack. By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to complete their own synth patches and export the sounds. One may simply apply them to any other projects, for them to be films, games, animations, etc, or go on and discover the infinite possibilities of modular synthesizers. This workshop is beginner-friendly. Participants may follow along by downloading:

VCV Rack 2:


Keywords: Modular synthesizer, Generative music


3. Memory Practises and Archiving

26/05/2022, 18:00-19:00

Conducted in hybrid mode for in-person and online participation

Venue: L3 Gallery

Speakers: Dr. Linda LAI, Tsz Wai PUN, Wan Ki LO

Meeting ID : 951 6590 5307

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Film Preview + Post-screening Discussion 電影試映 + 映後談: 21-22/05, 28-29/05/2022 (Weekends 星期六及日)

Venue 地點: Future Cinema Studio (M6094), L6 樓未來電影工作室

All works are with English subtitles. 所有作品均設英文字幕。

By invitation only. Online registration is available from 25 April. 憑柬入場。由4月25日起接受網上訂座。

There is no online registration service on Saturday and Sunday. Please reserve in advance.  星期六及日不設登記服務,請提前預約。

All persons attending Film Preview, except those exempted, are required to comply with the requirements under the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance (Cap.599) including: scan the "LeaveHomeSafe" QR code and provide valid Vaccine Pass before being allowed to enter the venue. Please arrive earlier to avoid delaying your participation as longer time is required for such registration.

所有出席電影試映的人士,除獲豁免者外,均須遵守《預防及控制疾病條例》(第599章)的規定,包括:掃描 「安心出行」二維碼,並提供有效的「疫苗通行證」,方可進入會場。由於登記時間較長,請提前到場,以免耽誤您的進場。

Please scroll down for program details and online registration links. 請往下參閱節目詳情及網上登記連結。

Curatorial Statement

The Waste Land

“These fragments I have shored against my ruins.” - T.S. Elliot.

The Waste Land was first transformed as a playground by a landscape architect, Carl Theodor Sørensen, having noticed children playing in destroyed areas and construction sites after WWII. By engaging with waste materials, children could experiment, innovate and create. In T.S Eliot’s poem, The Waste Land encapsulates a barren and inhabitable space, while lying beneath a thick layer of snow, roots begin to grow. In the neglected corner, hope resides.

The Waste Land is an exhibition structured by pieces, as the worlding of Elliot’s poem, it is composed of diverse voices from various perspectives. Emerging artists from MFA Creative Media respond uniquely to our current world, experimenting in the chaotic playground.

Fragments from observation, reflection, and creation are pieced together into multimedium assemblages to investigate and challenge what is perceived as waste and what has been wasted. Entangled perspectives are narrated through interdisciplinary approaches across technological and organic mediums, to reveal bodily experience through human standpoints and beyond.

In The Waste Land, artworks transform the withered into nourished soil. We offer the decomposed and recomposed substances distilled from the edge of change. Through playing with pieces, connecting parts, and reconstructing fragments, we present the regenerative power of life to shape a new world.

—— Written by Tsz Wai Pun and Melody Qingmei Li


「這些片斷我用來支撐我的斷垣殘壁。」 —— T.S 艾略特(趙蘿蕤譯)

荒原成為樂園的可能性,最初來自景觀設計師卡爾·特奧多爾·蘇連遜。他曾目睹二戰後孩子們在斷壁殘垣中奔跑嬉鬧的場景,觀察孩童在廢棄景觀之中暢遊,於破碎之中探索、創新,並構建出嶄新天地。荒原,亦被T.S 艾略特以詩句解構,貧瘠淒涼,了無生機。然而,白雪皚皚之下,根莖萌動。被遺忘的角落裡,希望憩息。我們稱之為「混沌樂園」。




—— 原文:潘子懷,李清美;翻譯:鄧緣圓,李清美



Graduating Year:
Hattie CHAN 陳奕蓓, Jialei CHEN 陳珈蕾, Tong CHEN 陳統, Hin Nam FONG 方顯楠, Ka Sin FONG 方嘉善, Gan LU 甘露, Muyi GAO 高沐藝, Chang GE 戈暢, Dingyuan JIANG 姜丁元, Tatia Pui Wan LAU 劉姉芸, Jiahui LIU 劉家慧, Wan Ki LO 盧韻淇, Jiaqi LU 盧家祺, Meixin LUO 羅美欣, Chit NG 吳捷, Huilin PENG 彭惠琳, Tsz Wai PUN 潘子懷, Jun WU 吴浚, Scout Mingyan XU 徐銘言, Hao YANG 楊浩, Tian ZHANG 張天, Xinxiang ZHAO 趙新翔

First Year:
Yuan Yuan DENG 鄧緣圓, Xiaozhi HU 胡小智, Xiang LAI 賴翔, Changan LI 李長安, Melody Qingmei LI 李清美, Longman LUK 陸朗文, Yung Ka MAK 麥容嘉, Xin MENG 孟欣, Green MOK 莫育權, Tiantian SU 蘇恬田, Hao WANG 王皓, Ningxin WANG 王寧昕, Xiaobu WANG 汪小卜, Zihao WANG 王子豪, Menglin XU 許萌林, Hairong YIN 殷海蓉, Jianing ZHANG 張珈寧, Chengdong ZHAO 趙鋮棟, Yanwu ZHAO 周炎午,  Chaorui ZHENG 鄭朝瑞, Mengyao ZHU 朱夢瑤


Film Preview Programs 電影試映

Venue 地點: Future Cinema Studio (M6094), L6 樓未來電影工作室

Time 時間: From 13:00 onwards 下午1時開始

There will be a 30-minute Post-Screening Discussion conducted in Cantonese, English and/or Putonghua.



Documentary 紀錄片

All films running time is approximately 2 hours. 全部片長約2小時

21/05/2022 (Sat) Program 1 - Online Registration Link 網上登記:

29/05/2022 (Sun) Program 4 - Online Registration Link 網上登記:

Film Title 片名 Director 導演

Production Year, duration

製作年份 | 片長



Face and Time

Yuan Yuan DENG


2021 | 12’ Get to know my mother and me again through recomposing facetime recordings and my mom's Tik Tok video.

So Long Summer

Scout Mingyan XU


2021 | 47’

After the university graduation, I came back to my hometown, meeting the once intimate cousins who are more like strangers to me. I observe their life and question choices, with understandings, unsatisfactions, and confusions.

The memories of the childhood linger in my mind, stirring with my uncertainties towards the future. I'm afraid I'm going to follow something like the set trajectory of life as a woman but if I don't follow it, Where should I go?

Cicadas scream in the summer and summer is always too long to give any answer.

Road Angels Under the Epidemic

Jun WU

2022 | 7’ A conversation with a street angel.

Stories between Hong Kong and I

Dingyuan JIANG


2022 | 20’ The entanglement between myself and the city of Hong Kong.

The Wind Continues to Blow

Jiahui LIU


2022 | 35’ The wind continues to blow, I've always wanted to be with you all the time. The wind continues to blow, I never wanted to apart. I miss my simple and beautiful past time with Hong Kong. I wish to wash away the pain, and recall our shared sweet moments. Trying to hold back the tears. Yet they fall silently.


Feature Film, Experimental Film & Animation 劇情片實驗片及動畫

All films running time is approximately 1.8 hours long. 全部片長約1.8 小時

22/05/2022 (Sun) Program 2 - Online Registration Link 網上登記:

28/05/2022 (Sat) Program 3 - Online Registration Link 網上登記:

Film Title 片名 Director 導演

Production Year, duration

製作年份 | 片長



The Moonlight is Shining Tonight

Green MOK Yuk Kuen 


2022 | 30’

A lonely teenager hooks up with someone at the hotel, where they soon realise how their minds are both preoccupied during their encounter. Their bodily passion could hardly continue, and they have no other way but to tap into each other’s heart and soul.

Behind the Screen

CHEN Tong & GAO Muyi 


2022 | 40’ The micro film uses multi-line narration as the narrative technique, telling the story of three different people,(An female online streamer who is blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend and has to do unethical things to raise money, A scammer who uses photos of the female online streamer on social media, A man who relies too much on dating apps). Each story is told from the point of view of a different character. These stories seem to be independent, but they are closely connected to each other and eventually come together to form the climax of the film. The whole movie is like dominoes.  A man commits a crime driven by his desire for money, but his crime sets off a chain of events  that indirectly kills him.
See You Perhaps

Yuan Yuan DENG


2021 | 17’

If I have no choice but to return back to mainland China during the pandemic, will we meet again?

News from Home

LO Wan Ki 


2022 | 10’

For the road we could no longer set foot on,

Make it like a river

Let the memories flow

Until one day you catch the ladle to drink

To remember

The warmth bled

The symbols erased

May time stretch her hands

Towards infinity

When the beats fill

Across all inner deserts

Sphinx's Riddles

LUO Meixin


2022 | 10’ The riddle of the Sphinx remains unsolved. 
A Summer Night

WANG Xiaobu & WANG Ningxin


2022 | 1’

This is the story of a girl and her puppy. One summer evening, the girl Niu Niu is scared because her parents are arguing. So, she runs away from home with her dog. But Niu Niu has nowhere else to go, so she comes to the park. In the park the dog goes into the hole under the slide, so Niu Niu follows him in, and they thus enter a fantasy world.

Floating City Chit NG 2022 | 4’ Floating City is a 3D animation inspired by the tense and busy life of Hong Kong. The story starts when the protagonist dies, whose ghost later flows around the floating city and peeps into the ‘normal’ lives of Hong Kong people. The whole animation deliberately extracts the emotions of people surrounding the protagonist to accentuate his marginalized situation, which is the norm for most people in the floating city. This animation criticizes impersonality and the exploitation of laborers in this capitalist society.



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