Research Overview

Research at the School of Creative Media explores uncharted territories in image science, the digital arts, and emerging transmedia forms. With an emphasis on creative media practices that address real world challenges, the School’s research trajectory is signposted for aesthetic innovation, conceptual rigor, social impact, and the interdisciplinary fusion of art, the humanities, science and technology.

The research areas include:
  • Computer graphics and animation
  • Internet
  • Mobile phone and security applications
  • Storage and retrieval for multimedia systems
  • Cyber media systems
  • Smart immersion technology / Intelligent systems
  • Mixed reality
  • Networked media applications
  • Streaming media technology
  • Multimedia storage / retrieval
  • Authoring tools
  • Computer games
  • Media design
  • Narrative theory and techinques in new media
  • Creative, social, and historical implications of new media