Border Diggers
Border Diggers
L3, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre & Nanjing University Museum of Fine Art
During the first decades of digital computing and networking, the emphasis was put on the potential of the “information highways”. Everything was conceived on the model of transportation means, pipes rail and roads. The positive vision, back then, was a simplistic interpretation of the notion of progress and speed in transaction and dialogue.

During the last semester, students from CityU School of Creative Media MFA/MA have been working together with students from the Art Institute of Nanjing University on the topic of “Obstacles in communication”. They created works connected between both Universities.

From December 20th to January 20th, they exhibit their work in the Hong-Kong Nanjing Tunnel, a virtual reality tunnel that allows dialogue, visual communication inside virtual setups. This new initiative between City University of Hong Kong School of Creative Media and Nanjing University Art Institute reveals the potential for long-term cultural exchanges and academic collaborations. This exhibition can be considered as the first media art exhibition in the Nanjing University.  Digging new tunnels between Nanjing and Hong Kong, Border Diggers draw our attention on the complexity of dialogue in the networked era.

Borders Diggers is an innovative exhibition and collaboration between Art Institute of Nanjing University and School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong. Focusing on the topic of “Communication and Obstacle” the project is inspired by the series of work by Maurice Benayoun, including Tunnel under the Atlantic, VR installation, between the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Museum of Contemporary art in Montreal 1995, Colors Tunnel (VR interactive installation, 2016) and Borders Tunnel (VR interactive installation, 2016). These works were presented in the JUST DIG/IT! exhibition in 2016 by Osage Gallery, Hong Kong. They are now exhibited together with the projects by 16 students from NJU and 17 students from the MFA program of CityU who conducted their artistic practices in this fall semester. 

在數字計算和網絡的頭幾十年裡,重點放在了“信息高速公路”的潛力上。 一切都是在交通工具,管道和道路的模型上構思出來的。 當時的積極構想是對交易和對話的進展和速度的簡單解釋。

上學期,來自城大創意媒體學院的同學們與南京大學藝術學院的學生一起,就“溝通障礙”的課題進行了合作。 他們一起創作了兩所大學之間的作品。

12月20日至1月20日,他們在虛擬現實隧道“香港-南京隧道”展出他們的作品, 虛擬的隧道允許兩地的同學在虛擬場景中進行對話和視覺交流。香港城市大學創意媒體學院與南京大學藝術研究院之間的這項舉措, 揭示了相方未來長期的文化交流和學術合作的潛力。這個展覽可以被看作是南京大學首個媒體藝術展覽。 在南京和香港之間挖掘新的隧道,Border Diggers提請我們注意網絡時代對話的複雜性。

Borders Diggers是南京大學藝術研究院與香港城市大學創意媒體學院的創新合作。 專注於“溝通與障礙”這一主題,項目的靈感來自莫奔教授(Maurice Benayoun)的一系列作品,包括大西洋隧道的虛擬現實裝置,於1995年在巴黎蓬皮杜中心和蒙特利爾當代藝術博物館開展虛擬挖掘工程, Color Tunnel和Borders Tunnel則是2016年VR交互式裝置。 這些作品於2016年在香港奧沙畫廊JUST DIG / IT展覽中展示 。 這次展覽正好讓16位來自南京大學的學生和17位來自香港城市大學創意媒體學院MFA課程的學生一起展示他們所學習的藝術成果。

Artists  藝術家
Huang Xiaowen, Li Yuanlu, Liu Sijia, Sun Yunhe, Zhao Jiayi, Xia Yitao, Yakir Ron, Zhou Mengying, Mukeh, Cheng Ngayan, Huang Yajie, Jiang Xinzhi, Xu Yingqing, Zheng Shiqi, Eugenia Kim, Lukasz Mirocha, Stefan Palitov, The PGCC project team
黃小雯, 李園蕗, 劉思佳, 孫云鶴, 趙佳一, 夏以韜, 周夢瑩, Zhou Mengying, Mukeh,鄭雅茵, 黃雅婕, 江欣芷, 許熒卿, 鄭詩琪, Eugenia Kim, Lukasz Mirocha, Stefan Palitov, The PGCC project team

Opening Ceremony 開幕禮
Date 日期: 20/12/2017 (Wednesday 星期三)
Time 時間: 14:00

Exhibition 展覽
Date 日期: 20/12/2017 - 20/1/2018 (except public holidays 公眾假期除外) 
Opening Hours 開放時間:11:00 - 19:00
Venue 地點: 
Hong Kong 香港:
3/F Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kln, H.K. 
Nanjing 南京:
Nanjing University Museum of Fine Art 
163 Xianlin Avenue Qiaxia District Nanjing, R.O.C.

Free Admission 免費入場 

Organizer 主辦單位:
Art Institute of Nanjing University 南京大學藝術研究院

Co-organizers 協辦單位:
School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong  香港城市大學創意媒體學院
Nanjing University Museum, Fine Art  南京大學美術館

Supporting Organization 支持機構: 
Osage Art Foundation 奧沙藝術基金