PHD Student

ZHANG, Jing 張靜

  • Contemporary Chinese Art
  • Language & Art
  • Chinese politics
  • Chinese Language
  • Slogans
Research Area(s)
  • Power of Word: Slogans in Chinese Contemporary Art


ZHANG Jing is a PhD candidate at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Her doctoral research takes Chinese slogans as a context to study how artists use text and written language in Chinese contemporary art. Rhythmic formulations, catchwords, and slogans have been widely used in state campaigns, mass mobilizing efforts, and public policies implemented throughout China. Focusing on the semantic meanings of these artworks, her project compares readable installations with propaganda slogans brushed on the wall, and approaches them using the overlapping fields of calligraphy, epigraphy (large-scale language etching on landscapes or monuments) and typography in order to highlight the relationship between Chinese contemporary art and Chinese politics. Before she enrolled in the PhD program at SCM, Jing ZHANG worked as a journal editor at China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China. She received her MA from the School of Inter-Media, China Academy of Art. Her short stories have been published in literature magazines in China. She also translated novels by Angela Carter and David Grossman into Chinese.