PHD Student

QI, Miaomiao 戚苗苗

  • Film Study
  • Gender Study
  • Cultural Study
  • Feminism Study
  • Women Directors
  • Women Script Writers
  • Hong Kong Films
Research Area(s)
  • Women Filmmakers : Female Script Writers in Hong Kong


Qi Miaomiao is a researcher and scriptwriter based in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Now Qi is a PhD Candidate at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Her research focus on female filmmakers, especially the women scriptwriters in Hong Kong; their works and personal experience will be carefully analyzed as well as the reports and news releases to illustrate the female’s career situation in the film industry and how they contribute to the culture throughout the film history.

Qi Miaomiao won the best scriptwriter award in Zhejiang online-film competition in 2017 (WENZHOU) and her first film (as the scriptwriter) was released in 2015 called < Ou Gan Zhi Lian > (Fall in Love with Orange)(WENZHOU). In 2012, she won the recommendation award for the film review on < Love in Puff 2>(HONGKONG). She also worked with the CCTV in China and wrote the cartoon < Chinese Panda > in 2009 (BEIJING).

For the moment, she is a key point leader in film reviews both in Hong Kong and Mainland China. She run her own public page in WeChat, which was hit over ten thousand readers per day.

Besides, Qi is also a professional board of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Gestalt Therapy Practitioner. She holds the certificate of national counseling psychologist in Mainland China.

Her interests involve both cultural study and supernatural study. As a fortuneteller, she is an expert in tarot reading, astrology, physiognomy and Chinese numerology