PHD Student

PARK, So Young Lisa 朴昭映

  • Confucianism
  • East Asian Media art
  • Censorship
  • Eastern philosophies
  • Relational
Research Area(s)
  • New media art in the contemporary context of east asian cultural tradition


Lisa Park SoYoung is a South Korean born artist and researcher, currently pursuing her doctoral study on how East Asian cultural traditions such as Confucianism influence contemporary new media art practices. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University (Toronto) and a Masters in Creative Media from City University (Hong Kong) prior to her doctoral research. Having lived in numerous cultural contexts since formative years, Lisa’s artwork and research often explore cultural idiosyncrasies as well as cultural hybridity that influence human relationships and lived experiences in contemporary urban settings. An inclination to experiment in the overlapping domains of popular culture, public sphere and new media art arises from her forays into marketing and industry projects, as a propensity toward “useful” artworks that border between art, utility and play by engaging user-contributed data, sounds and interactions. Her artworks and academic research have been presented in various exhibitions and conferences including ISEA 2016, Leonardo Journal and Xi’an Art museum.