PHD Student

KE, Pingchuan 柯平川

Research Area(s)
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)
  • User Interface(UI)
  • Human-Computer Interaction(HCI)


Ke Pingchuan (Patrick) is a PhD student in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. His current projects focus on Virtual and Augmented Reality(VR/AR), User Interface(UI) and other areas of Human-Computer Interaction(HCI). At the same time, he is also interested in research areas of new media art, interaction design, game and animation design. 

He completed his master's degree at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. After graduation, he taught at a university in Guangzhou and began teaching and doing research in the fields of virtual reality and interaction design. His research interest in new media technology and interaction design drove him to study at the City University of Hong Kong as a PhD. While working and studying at the City University of Hong Kong, he participated in the virtual reality project about promoting public understanding of extreme weather which is a collaboration between the City University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Observatory(HKO), and was also involved in the「LIGHTS IN TIME: HONG KONG THEN & NOW」exhibition which is jointly organized by the City University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. In addition, he has also published relevant papers and delivered speeches at some international conferences.