PHD Student

HUANG, Ariel

Research Area(s)
  • Beyond Liveness: Mind
  • Body and Machine in the Project of Digital Music Making


Ariel is a musician focused on "in the box” sound design and electronic music production. Like many electronic music practitioners before him who have endeavoured to bring their work into concert settings, he has had to negotiate with the problem of how one could “play" their “fixed media" compositions involving code, machines and automated processes to achieve the same kind of engaged musicianship as is commonly experienced in singing, playing the guitar and other such modes of music making. Beyond experimenting with new interfaces for musical expression, live sampling techniques, clip launching and other practical solutions aimed at injecting “liveness” into computer music, Ariel has developed an interest in trying to understand just what exactly is involved in such music making practices that contributes to this phenomenon. His current research in the area has taken an existential turn away from discourses surrounding liveness coming from the disciplines of performance studies, media studies and musicology, focusing instead on postphenomenology and other philosophies regarding human technology relations. Prior to his PhD work at City University of Hong Kong's School of Creative Media, Ariel obtained a BA in Communication from Wheaton College, IL, and subsequently has had ample opportunities to work on electronic music performances, audio visual productions and projection mapping projects since completing his MFA (also at the School of Creative Media).