Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive
Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive
3-D Modelling
Hong Kong
PI: Prof Jeffrey Shaw
Co-PI: Dr Ray Cheung

The Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive is a collaboration between the International Guoshu Association Hong Kong and CityU. The project encompasses the first-ever comprehensive digital strategy of archiving and annotating a living kung fu tradition using state-of-the art data capture tools. In addition, this archive will become the wellspring of exhibitions and installations that promulgate rich cultural traditions. The archive, with comprehensive metadata, descriptions and physical annotations will also be a vital source of ongoing research. It is a groundbreaking project to develop a sophisticated methodology for the complete 4 dimensional analysis of Martial Arts applicable to numerous other performance-based activities. It builds upon extensive work done in dance annotated. The Martial Arts Living Archive will provide benchmarks in the formation of extensive analytics tools and intangible heritage documentation. Work has begun on this project at ACIM, with motion capture of some of Hong’s Kong’s renowned Kung Fu masters having been done in its leading edge MOCAP Lab.

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