Research Degrees

Research Degrees


  • Employs a mentor-based approach with an emphasis on both traditional scholarship and creative innovation.
  • Students’ research activities encompass many different kinds of art and media creation with an emphasis on new media.
  • Highly interdisciplinary programme - Students’ research deploys methodologies from the sciences, humanities and social sciences.
  • Current full-time PhD students are funded either through the Hong Kong PhD Fellowships (a monthly stipend of HKD25,800 or approx. USD3,307) or by studentships (a monthly stipend of HKD17,000 or approx. USD2,179).

Application Information

If you are a strong candidate, we encourage you to apply to the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS). It carries a monthly stipend of HKD25,800 (approx. USD3,307).

•  Deadline: 2 December 2019 (12:00 noon Hong Kong time)
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•  Details:
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•  Examples of Hong Kong PhD Fellowship recipients:
    Kay Beadman
    Huang Chen
    Eugenia Kim
    Ana Garner
    Lukasz Mirocha
    Mariana Pérez Bobadilla
    Minka Stoyanova
    Carloalberto Treccani
    Ashley Wong

For normal studentship (monthly stipend of HKD17,000 or approx. USD2,179) application:

•  Deadline: 2 December 2019
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•  Applications received after 2 December 2019 may be considered on a space-available basis for the 2020 entry or considered for the 2021 entry.
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Research Fields

The School’s interdisciplinary research activities encompass and combine all aspects of art and new media creation, incorporating methodologies based in the sciences, the humanities, or both: multimedia technology, video and image computing, distributed mobile computing and wireless networking, artificial intelligence and data management systems, software engineering and internet applications, multimodal interface design, interactive and embodied media, virtual and augmented reality, the cinematic arts, photography, computer graphics and animation, musical composition and performance, sound art, installation arts, game design, physical computing, digital cultural heritage, and historical, theoretical, and critical analyses of all of these areas, including ethical, social and aesthetic implications of emerging technologies on art and new media creation.

Potential Supervisors and Their Research Interests
Prof Richard William Allen
• Poetics and aesthetics of film 
• Film theory and the philosophy of film
• History of cinema 
• Indian cinema and culture

• Literature and film
• Gender, sexuality, and cinema
• Melodrama and religion
Prof Maurice Benayoun
• Participative media
• Video art and interactivity
• Virtual and augmented Reality
• Aesthetics of new media
• Media art archeology  
• Interactive animation and graphics
• Art criticism
• Smart cities
• Contemporary art and new media
• Critical theory

• Generative and behavioral design
• Emotion in new media practice
• Immersive and urban installation
• Interdisciplinary practices
• Interface from UI to brain/computer interaction
• Urban and tactical media
• Urban screen and critical fusion
• Symbolic and dynamic mapping
• Non-linear and new narratives
Dr Alvaro Cassinelli
• Art & Science related projects
• New Media Art (in particular "device art")
• Media Arts "under the sun" (using physical principles - water, air, etc)
• Physics/Biology inspired engineering and art
• New displaying technology & paradigms (ambient, minimal, laser projection, etc)
• Robotics, distributed robotics and art (nano robots, swarming robots, distributed intelligence)
• Human Computer Interaction and Interfaces (in particular applications in rehabilitation and medicine)
• Augmented Materiality (new forms of 3d printing, smart materials, living architecture, etc)

• Augmented Reality (in particular "spatial" AR, like dynamic projection mapping)
• Interfaces for augmented expression (music, drawing, etc)
• Physical Computing
• Internet of Things (IoT), Ubiquitous Computing, Smart Cities and their impact on society
• Embedded Machine Learning and AI ("A-IoT")
• Cognitive Sciences related projects
• Wearables
Dr Damien Charrieras
• Computational creativity and post-anthropocentric forms of creativity
• Creative software infrastructures and cloud computing
• Analog-digital archives and the creative act
• Instruments and instrumentalities in new media arts, sound art, electronic music and digital games

• Software studies
• Philosophies of new media and of the creative act: mew materialism, media ecology, process philosophy and radical empiricism
• Cultural/creative industries and underground artistic cultures; spaces and places of cultural/creative work
Dr Kimburley W Y Choi
• Theories and practices of visual ethnography
• Media representation and culture
Prof Hongbo Fu
• Computer graphics
• Human-computer interaction
Dr Max Hattler
• Abstract animation and visual music
• Narrative and meaning in the abstract moving image
• Audio-visual performance and VJ culture
• Theories and practices of audio-visual installation and expanded cinema

• Sound-image relationships and synaesthesia
• Digital and analogue sound and image processing
• Experimental film, artists' moving image, video art, new media art
Dr Daniel Howe
• Social and political implications of networked and computational technologies
• Algorithms and their impact on human values
• Creative coding
• Generative literature
Dr Yuk HUI
• Philosophy of Technology
• Modern and Contemporary European Philosophy
• Neo/New Confucianism
• Aesthetics

• History of cybernetics
• Media Theory
• Digital Studies
• Artificial Intelligence
Dr Yong Ming Kow
• Ethnographic studies
• Cultural-historical activity theory
• Games research
• Human-computer interaction

• Digital monies
• China
• Peer production
• Social movement
Dr Harald Kraemer
• Media / Art / Design history 19th–21st century
• Archiving and documentation: museum informatics / digital collections / digital cultural heritage
• Multimedia classics / Hypermedia hermeneutics / Transmedia storytelling / Cognitive design

• Museum and curating
• Making and design of exhibitions
Dr Linda C H Lai
• Media archaeology
• Historiography and current trend in contemporary and media art
• Image theories
• Documentation and expanded documentary

• Visual ethnography
• Experimental imaging and socially engaged art practices
Dr Miu Ling Lam
• Emerging 3D display technologies
• Augmented/Virtual reality
• Robotics
Dr Manfred Lau
• Computer graphics
• Human-computer interaction
• 3D modeling
• Digital fabrication

• Applied perception
• Sketch-based user interfaces
• Tangible user interfaces
Dr Tomas Laurenzo
• New media art
• New media art theory
• Contemporary art and new media
• Art and politics
• Interactive art
• Interaction design
• Human-computer Interaction
• Computer music
• Music

• New interfaces for musical expression
• Digital lutherie
• Art, activism, hacktivism
• Virtual reality
• Virtual reality and art
• Performance
• New media and performance
• Robotic art
• Art and artificial intelligence
• Artificial intelligence and politics
Dr Olli Tapio Leino
• Philosophy of computer games and new media art
• Technological materialities of computer games
• Human/technology relations in new media art
• Playable media
Dr Can Liu
• Human-computer Interaction
• Interactive Surfaces and Spaces
• Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

• Physical Computing
• Urban Computing and Community Engagement
Dr Hector Rodriguez
• Computational or algorithmic cinema studies 
• Generative art
• Computational art 
• Art and technology

• Game studies and ludology 
• Philosophy of new media
Dr Christian Sandor
• Augmented Reality
• Human-Computer Interaction
• Computer Graphics
• Computer Vision

• Haptics
• 3D User Interfaces
• Visualization
Dr Elena Sherstoboeva
• Freedom of expression
• Media Freedom
• Media Law and Policies
• Artistic Rights and Freedoms
• Digital Piracy

• Regulation of Creative Industries
• Entertainment Law and Policies
• Copyright Law and Policies
• Music Law and Policies
• Access to Information
Dr Ayoung Suh
• Theories and practices of virtual collaboration 
• Individual and collective dynamics on virtual organizations, virtual teams, and virtual communities
• Culture, society, and new media technologies
• Social media affordances, identity, and boundary management

• Social media and network analysis  
• Gamification (impacts of hedonic factors on human behavior in gamified systems)
Dr Louisa S Y Wei
• Independent documentary: theory and practice
• Female directors and women’s cinema
• History of Chinese intellectuals
• Visual storytelling and narrative techniques
Dr Bo Zheng
• Art and ecology  (such as political ecology, climate change, environmental justice, nonhumans, farming, ecological interpretation of premodern art, ecologizing museums, etc.)
Dr Kening Zhu
• Human-computer Interaction
• Interface design
• Mobile/Wearable interaction
• Tangible user interface

• Child-computer Interaction
• 3D Printing

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