Equipment & Facilties


The Production Equipment Centre in SCM is a major equipment library, in charge of borrowing production equipment for class, assignments and projects for both students and faculty. The Centre maintains an on-line booking system to help the student and staff make their equipment bookings. The Centre also provides technical support to all the AV equipment in the School.

MULTIMEDIA THEATREThe Multimedia Theatre with a flexible staging and a capacity of 224 seating is equipped with professional performance facilities on audio, video and lighting, and motion capture facilities. The functions of the theatre are for multimedia performances, 3D projection, recoding with a studio audience, motion capture, professional shooting and production applications that required large space for the staging of scenes and high ceiling. The theatre also has an easy access to the Dressing Room and Changing Room. Its size is about 420m
VIDEO PRODUCTION STUDIOProfessional lighting, power and other services of the Video Production Studio are re-configurable. The studio has a stringent acoustic requirement and facilitates with chroma-key shooting and real-time video mixing and editing. It is mainly for teaching and instructional purposes. Its size is 175m2 with 7m clear height.
MULTIMEDIA THEATRE WORKSHOPSThese workshops are the integral and indispensible facilities for the Multimedia Theatre and the Video Production Studio, which students need to exercise through hands-on workshop activities to create and produce their own sets, props and costumes for productions. The list of workshop facilities is:
  • Scene Dock & Props Workshop
  • Wood and Metal Workshop
  • Prototyping Workshop
  • Electronic Workshop
FUTURE CINEMA STUDIOThe Future Cinema Studio is a combination of a 3D digital cinema and a sound dubbing theatre. This cinema studio is equipped with the latest Dolby 3D screening and sound dubbing facilities. It can also facilitate the demonstration of various sound track options in a realistic screening theatre environment with immediate and interactive response. It supports Dolby Digital and THX formats. Its seating capacity is 145.
AUDIO RECORDING STUDIOS AND LABORATORIESThe Audio Recording Studio and the Audio Lab are adjacent to each other; hence, the Audio Lab would allow any of the audio workstations (student computers) to communicate to and record from the Live Room of the Recording Studio. The Live Room could be used for recording dialogue, music ensembles/bands and basic Foley.
  • Audio Recording Studio
  • Audio Control Studio
  • Audio Laboratory
SCREENING THEATRES AND ROOMSHigh quality digital cinema theatre & rooms with 20-49 seating capacity to show students work as well as to provide a venue for various screenings.
  • Screening Theatre
  • Screening Room 1 & 2
  • Screening Room 3
TEACHING STUDIOSTeaching studios are designed for supporting a wide range of courses including installation art, painting, drawing, performance and movement. Most of the interior are free to be configured and the studios have a framework for hanging attached to the ceiling.
  • Teaching Studio 1 This teaching studio provides wet services for painting courses.
  • Teaching Studio 2 & 3
PROJECT STUDIOSProject studios are configured to support students as a studio space as well as a presentation area for critique.
  • Project Studio 1
  • Project Studio 2
ANIMATION STUDIO AND LABORATORIESThe animation studio and laboratories are designed for 2D / 3D animation and design. The laboratory is equipped with graphics workstations and the latest 2D and 3D animation software, including Autodesk Maya, Boujou, Zbrush, Toon Boom and Quest 3d.
  • Animation Studio
  • Animation Laboratory 1 & 2
POST-PRODUCTION FACILITIESVideo Editing Laboratory and Visual Effect Laboratory are equipped with iMac computers workstations for supporting post-production courses teaching. The Post Production Studio is an ideal studio for advanced post production users. The five project rooms are configured to allow at most 2-3 persons working on sound recording, sound or video editing, animation, multimedia and other types of projects. They are equipped with sound recording, audio editing and mixing, video editing and viewing facilities.
  • Video Editing Laboratory
  • Visual Effect Laboratory
  • Post Production Studio
  • Project Room 1-5
PHOTOGRAPHIC DARKROOMS AND STUDIOSA suite of photography studio, digital dark room, dark room and print review room is designed for supporting a range of photography courses. The digital dark room is equipped with large scale printers and the darkroom is used for developing film and provides with film-hanging cabinets.
  • Photography Studio
  • Digital Dark Room
  • Darkroom
  • Print Review Room
TEACHING LABORATORIESComputer teaching laboratories are designed for teaching various courses, including web page and multimedia authoring, Internet design tools and programming, gaming, interactivity, digital imaging and digital signage.
SINGING WAVES GALLERYIt is a flexible open space designed for user as an exhibition, assessment, display and pre-function area. It is equipped with a grid of hoisting points.
SEMINAR ROOM 1 & 2The high-quality seminar and meeting rooms can be used in conjunction with other event and exhibition facilities.
GALLERY 360Gallery360 is the CityU School of Creative Media’s immersive 360-degree stereoscopic visualization environment, which has evolved from the groundbreaking AVIE system developed in 2006 at the UNSW iCinema Research Centre. Besides its landmark applications in digital cultural heritage, numerous internationally acclaimed research projects have explored its unique capabilities as a platform for artistic expression, future cinema, and data visualization.