Safety & Health
Safety & Health

Both the University and the School are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all staff and students and maintaining at all times an effective safety programme. At the University level, a Safety and Environment Unit has been formed under the Campus Development and Facilities Office (CDFO) to look after issues relating to health, safety and environmental protection. A Safety Committee was established to advise the President on the formulation of safety policies for the University and to oversee the implementation of such policies. At the School level, two colleagues have been designated as Departmental Safety Officer and Departmental Environmental Officer respectively to provide assistance to SCM staff and students in the respective areas. Guidelines have been formulated to facilitate the safe use of lab equipment and facilities by staff and students. This Webpage provides links to useful information relating to health, safety and environment. Staff and students, especially newcomers, are strongly encouraged to spend some time reading through the materials and familiarising themselves with the policies and guidelines stipulated by the University or the School

Mr Garry Luk
SCM Departmental Safety Officer (Teaching Area)
3442 2359
Ms Peony Chan
SCM Departmental Safety Officer (Office Area)
Environmental Officer
3442 9426
Mr Tony Tung
CDFO Safety Manager
3442 6850
SCM Safety and Health Information
Floor Plan
Emergency Escape Maps and Routes
Emergency Procedures
Emergency Contact
Emergency Telephone Numbers
Security Office (day and night)
Ext 8888
Young Chung-yee Health Centre
(during office hours)
Ext 8022

In the event of the following:

Electrical Injuries
Safety and Environment Forms Download
Safety and Environment Unit
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Safety Committee
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CDFO's safety and health information
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CDFO's environmental information
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New Staff Safety Induction Checklist
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Workstation Risk Assessment Checklist / Report
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Safety Checklist for Laboratory / Workshop
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Safety Checklist for Administration / Office areas
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Printer Cartridges Recycling Form
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Endorsement for Safety Training Course
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Request for New Chemical Waste Disposal
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Health and Safety Risk Assessment for Workstations and Research Projects
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Practical Ergonomic Guide for Setting Up and Using Computer
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External Information
Courses organized by Occupational Safety & Health Council (OSHC)
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Safety & Health Guides for Working with Display Screen Equipment (DSE) by Occupational Safety & Health Council (OSHC)
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Guidance Notes on Manual Handling Operations
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