KIM , Eugenia Sangmie
KIM , Eugenia Sangmie


Eugenia Sangmie Kim is a creator working in the areas of dance, multimedia, digital archives/humanities/preservation and medical humanities. Her PhD research intersects these various areas to explore how virtual embodiment can induce feelings of empathy in viewers for patients with adolescent bipolar disorder. In the past, Eugenia held simultaneous careers in dance, information technology and libraries. She was a trustee for the Dance Heritage Coalition and directed the Penumbra:Movement dance troupe. Eugenia also received grant funding from the Cambridge and Somerville Arts Councils as well as awards from various national and international library organizations. Her choreographic works have been shown in Boston, Hong Kong and New York City as part of solo and group events. Eugenia has several solo and co-authored publications for digital humanities and presented her dissertation research at EVA London 2018. She holds a B.S. in Electronic Media, Arts and Communications from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a M.S. in Information Science from University at Albany.

Research Topic/Area(s)

Generating Empathy for Adolescent Bipolar Disorder through Dance and Virtual Reality

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