KLEIN, Wilhelm E. J.
KLEIN, Wilhelm E. J.


Before Wilhelm arrived to the School of Creative Media to work on what he calls “Applied Digital Ethics”, he studied at the University of Bayreuth, Hanyang University and the University of Edinburgh. He holds a BA in International Economics & Development and a MSc in Environment Culture & Society. He has not yet decided on a label for his occupation, but Techno-Ethicist might be suitable.

Wilhelm’s research explores the ethical dimensions of a digitized world. Focusing on the design, production and application of hardware, software, wetware and the governance of such, he examines digital technology from a consequentialist/utilitarian point of view and aims to provide analysis and proposition for a design, production and application of digital technology that maximizes the well-being of humans--and other sentient beings.

Research Topic/Area(s)

Applied Digital Ethics

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