The School of Creative Media helps students achieve the highest possible discovery-driven learning experience under CityU’s Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC) and Outcomes Based Teaching and Learning (OBTL) model.

The DEC has the goal of giving all our students the opportunity to make an original discovery while at CityU. Its emphasis on discovery, innovation, and creativity lies at the heart of our academic strategy and four-year curriculum for teaching and learning, advanced scholarship, knowledge transfer, and community-related activities at the School.

Outcomes Based Teaching and Learning (OBTL)

The OBTL team aims to strengthen the peer community of students and faculty at SCM through regular international exposure and co-curricular art events, including new student orientation, artist residencies and alumni networking. The broader objective of the various Teaching and Learning activities is then to facilitate our students’ career development, and to broaden their artistic vision, by channeling valuable resources to them beyond the classroom. The team’s core members include Director of Teaching and Learning, Coordinator for Academic Advising, and Coordinator for Student Mentoring with representatives from all SCM academic streams and majors. Together, they oversee the First Year Experience, a year-long initiative to facilitate newly admitted students’ understanding of the School’s mission and philosophy.